Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game


Long before the Drought, there were a great many number of trade routes and settlements that existed all across Ashriya. Since then however many of them have been abandoned and fallen into disuse. Those that survived the Drought sought to rebuild as many of these routes as they could, but it has been a long and tedious process, as the landscape of Ashriya had also changed.

Color image of characters walking through the Glibben Wood

This page remains as reference for travel times prior to The Breaking. As of AR 66, travel to these destinations has become considerably harder or not possible at all. Attempt to travel beyond the Green Wood during timeblocks is at your own risk.

The table below shows the time it takes to travel from Crossroads, at the heart of the Glibben Wood, to the other towns, cities and settlements across Ashriya. The travel times listed indicate the time it takes to travel by foot. Horse, carriage or caravan travel may also be possible, though these are only possible after leaving the Wood at either The Outpost or the northern road as horses typically refuse to enter.

Derrickham Keep 1 day
The Outpost 3 days
Northern end of road through Glibben Wood 4 days
The Garden 12 hours through the Wood, 7 days around
Tangel 14 days
Sharolia 14 days
Krasslig 11 days
Alshambra 16 days
Barulis 13 days
Singo 14 days
Tamecht 11 days
Daboran 28 days
New Ilkasik Empire 17 days
Sarth 21 days
Jast 18 days
Dark Tower 20 days, requires full contingent of guards and supplies, not possible except under extraordinary circumstances
Vidra's Passage 16 days
Necropolis Ruins 26 days