Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game


Cycle of the Moon

Observed across the whole of Ashriya, the moon passes through the skies twelve times each year. The full moon rarely coincides with the Rise of Terres, though when it does, it is a strong omen indeed. The names of the moons in the year are as follows:

Ers, first moon of the year Arridun, seventh moon of the year
Carris, second moon of the year Grenn, eighth moon of the year
Tyir, third moon of the year Ottur, ninth moon of the year
Rennse, fourth moon of the year Curnnos, tenth moon of the year
Fyrunn, fifth moon of the year Surrn, eleventh moon of the year
Medrim, sixth moon of the year Errund, last moon of the year

Reckoning of the Years

Used amongst the various texts and written histories of Ashriya, there are three commonly used methods of reckoning for the years. Historians have made every earnest attempt to accurately label the years, despite the Drought.

Annuals Prior to Turning, refer to the years preceding the "Turning," when the waters disappeared from the world.
Annuals of the Drought, refer to the years during the Drought.
After Return, the years after the return of the waters, the current method of reckoning.

Notable Historical Events

0 AOD Medrim 21 - "The Turning", which caused The Drought
150 AOD Errund 31 - The waters returned
40 AR - Crossroads Founded
50 AR - Game Began (in the year 2000, real-life time)
Example: February 1, 2008 is 58 AR Carris 1.