Favorite Moments Event 3 2018

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Favorite Moments Event 3 2018

Postby connick » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:02 am

Haha! It's my turn to start this off.

Agrue: "I'll never eat key lime pie again."

Ash getting healed by Peruna by a long range butt shot. I forget what exactly was said. Help me with the catchphrase.


The death of dear Wee Tom. So sad.

Agrue making a Haroc bridge over a pool of lava. (points to Kierdyn for keeping him conscious as he boiled alive.)

Vice knocking untold wealth into a pit.

Having an idea about a new LARP about finances. "Crushing Debt!" "I Declare Bankrupty 1!"

Jerry's confession...

Clearing a 3,650 drake debt without paying anything. Protip: Fines for assaulting multiple nobles adds up.

Agrue showing me new, impolite hand gestures that he's learned. Who is being a bad influence on this sweet Haroc?

Surprising thumbless Manly with mercy.

Ash's concern over me going into the woods with strangers blindfolded.

Being egged into a sprinting competition that I knew I'd lose, and losing.

Getting absolutely embarrassed by Nick in combat.

Sevaugnt's obvious plot to kill Lance. His apparent confession and confusing retraction.

More to come...
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Re: Favorite Moments Event 3 2018

Postby Erykahn » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:34 am

Falling into a sinkhole and having both legs maimed from the fall. Along with Inumate. We then beat down a troll that was trying to eat us.

Wee Tom

While walking to the sinkhole mod. Totally walking past Zoey. Walking back from the sinkhole mod. Totally walking past Zoey. Mordecai, then informing me I had just missed Zoey. Later to find out. It was just Zoey and Mordecai playing a joke on Erykahn. She was there in the shadows the whole time.

Dishing out all the backstabs. As Erykahn does.

Bard time with Merry. I really have missed that this year.

Explaining to Manderellan and Leadrin how Erykahn hunts and kills deer without using a bow and arrow.

Agrue's beating down Sevaughnt as a lesson of why you should always have your weapons with you.

Dream Lover

Recon mod with Jess and Tyzar. So fun!!! All of us hiding very obviously in the open. We all did our best statue impressions.

No longer being known to Simone as the Marked One. But, the Survivor. And, everything that followed in that encounter.

Saturday night rogue mod. Amazing!!!!
"Zoey not Zoey".

During Macone fight: As Doran was dominated. Sneaking up behind him, "Ambush fatal". I then drag him away to safety.

Alle, Agrue and I. Go to find some bandits. We come to a cabin. We see the bandit inside. We come up with a plan for me to sneak over to the open window. To I sneak, get to the window and start talking to them. Alle and Agrue, burst into the cabin. They drop three of them. The fourth (Jeff D) was hiding in a closet. We open the closet door and being to just straight murder this guy...Oh, and the loot was good
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Re: Favorite Moments Event 3 2018

Postby Tim-Director » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:31 pm

The mod of which Connick speaks, shall be known as "Agrue Bridge", and in my memory, rivals "Lava Snakes" (Circa 2014, reminiscent of 2006 Terres Mods). Made me really, really happy, for sooo many reasons.

"Ass-tinus likes to get healed in the butt." - Peruna

"Did you just say pig crap?" - Randall
"No, bed crap." - Ardread

"Name your favorite bar in Barulis." - Randall
“The Flying Pig! But it’s not there anymore.” - Merry
“So, that can't be your favorite bar in Barulis.” - Astinus

“I just assumed you would want two large breasts.” - Ardread
“REALLY?!?!” - Leadrin
“After all, they were just staring at me in the face.” - Randall
“Come on, now!” - Leadrin

"We should attempt to keep our vocabulary consistent. Let us call it the Vrai Theory, then?" - Lavno

"Take. Malady." - The Bird

"Kill!" - Kiil
"A monster is coming!!" - Seivaughnt
"Nah, he's fine." - Agrue

"He's the dumbest King with the dumbest plans." - Peruna

"Hey, I'll buy your cloak for 50 drake." - Erykahn

"How fortuitous!" - Macone

“Perhaps I am not being obtuse enough. I will not do a Rite with Benyamin.” - Astinus

"That was... FAN TAS TIC!" - Farian Fillvictor

“Survivor.” - Cato, The Storm Lord
“Not Marked One any more?” - Erykahn

"No, there is still one left of that line who may stake claim there."
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Re: Favorite Moments Event 3 2018

Postby Argue » Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:39 am

Lava bridge
Kyradin every time I touch your but it's healing
Also watching people be thrown in daisy chain
3 strength, 3 strength, 3 strength.

A good talk with added

Watching leets right off 4 karooya Sunday morning in his undies

Savaughnt diking with lance
Landed clear frustrAtion

Sarth meeting

Macon what's your end game?
I don't know

A moment with Mary

Murder mod with erican and Allie
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Re: Favorite Moments Event 3 2018

Postby Kosay Yasoak » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:15 pm

“Perhaps I am not being obtuse enough. I will not do a Rite with Benyamin.” - Astinus
This was my favorite moment of the event. Setting the tone for some years to come hopefully. Definitely for the character internally, at the very least. I was really happy with the agency that was allowed for the players.
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