Public Debts Announcement

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Public Debts Announcement

Postby connick » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:13 pm

(A document is posted on the message board)

Dear Citizens of Derrickham,

This message comes from Evreser Leets, the newly appointed Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Derrickham.

This announcement is an appeal to the rightful heirs of several citizens of Derrickham who are either deceased or have otherwise left the Kingdom permanently. Unfortunately, these individuals leave behind not an inheritance but rather a debt. Most are small, but in these trying times every drake due to a debtor is increasingly important to repay. If no heirs are found, it is my intention as Minister of Finance to absolve these individuals of their debts and absorb the loss by repaying those owed with public funds. There will be no repercussions if none step forward other than a minor financial loss to the Kingdom.

The following individuals have unresolved debts and are expected never to return to pay them for one reason or another. Doubtlessly, there are others but these are the ones for whom well-documented financial records exist.

Kosay Yasoak
Stephen Consiglio
Tayren Zek
Vallarus Myree

It is a hard thing to ask for heirs to assume these debts but I feel that I must do so in the interest of the Kingdom. Should any rightful heir of the above listed individuals wish to step forward I ask that they please contact me. I will do everything in my power to negotiate the debts down and I will consider favorably all who step forward to repay them.

With regret but a sense of duty,

Evreser Leets
Merchant Guildmaster of Crossroads
Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Derrickham
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Re: Public Debts Announcement

Postby Mike-Director » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:54 pm

Minister Leets,

I have not heard from Tairen in quite some time. I suspect he does not wish to be heard from or found. However, his brother Aod may still be alive, and I believe would be his closest living relative. You may wish to reach out to him regarding Tairen's debt, although from the stories I have heard about his brother, I suspect it may be a futile attempt.

Before Kosay left, he indicated to me that he may be reachable via Randall's Courier Service depending on where his adventuring brought him. I advise contacting him that way, I'm sure he'd be happy to pay for any debt he's accrued. I do not believe he has any living relatives.

For Praetor Vallarus, I recommend sending letters to both his estate within Alshambra and to the Codex, which exists between Derrickham and Alshambra. That way, hopefully you'll either be able to contact Vallarus himself, or his wife, Eerin.

I am unaware if Stephen has any living relatives. But I would also be quite surprised if he never came back to Crossroads.

I hope this is helpful. And, thank you for your diligent service to the Kingdom, your efforts and talents are highly appreciated.

Mordecai Jharrus
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Re: Public Debts Announcement

Postby Director Kyle » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:07 pm


While I agree with Mordecai that it would be surprising to not see Stephen Consiglio in Derrickham again, it has been some time now since we heard from him. The Mage's Guild is willing to pay off the debts of our Brother in Magic so that the Kingdom can move forward in our efforts to rebuild and thrive. Please contact me personally about the total sums owed.

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Re: Public Debts Announcement

Postby Father Aod Zek » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:50 am

Mordecai wrote: although from the stories I have heard about his brother, I suspect it may be a futile attempt.

Hmmmm, What stories might you have heard?

Furthermore............. What is this talk of my Brother not being able to be found? I left him safe and sound in Crossroads. I require an elaboration.
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