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Postby Tim-Director » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:27 pm

The Rulebook has been revised to clarify rules with respect to Wards!
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-MD ... sp=sharing

Page 7
Wards and Barriers
Characters are expected to treat Wards as an impervious barrier. Wards are represented by rope lights and prevent anyone or any thing from passing through them. If you see a rope light, you cannot walk though it or around it. In some instances, a rope light may be hung around a doorway or placed in a semi-circle on the floor. Unless told otherwise by a marshal, the player should assume the rope light represents a fully enclosed area and not sneak past the Ward or take advantage of a space where the rope light is not long enough or does not completely encompass the warded area. In some instances, there may be a tag attached to the Ward. You cannot read the tag unless you have a special skill that permits your character to read it.

And the skill on Page 52
Ward Lore:
Cost: 1 SP
Ward Lore gives a character the possibility to identify a Ward. The character with this skill should be within arm’s length of the Ward and role-play the act of concentrating and studying the Ward for one minute. The character may then read the Ward Lore card attached to the Ward, or in some instances, ask a marshall for clarification by saying “Ward Lore”. This skill does not permit the character to garner information as to how the ward was created. This skill must be learned in-game.
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