Blood Drive

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Blood Drive

Postby Dax » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:29 am

[A simple flier is posted in the tavern]

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[The flier reads:


We, Doctor Daxarien Thornhallow, would like to announce that We shall be holding a Blood Drive one the first day of the coming months. We have recently learned how to perform blood transfusions but require the blood of all races if we are to be properly prepared. While this surgical technique allows us to extend and re-attempt a surgery should there be a complication our patients are limited in strength to the amount of blood we can supply them until they are able to properly recover.

Thus We are calling upon all of you to aid us as best you can. The process of donating is quick and relatively painless. We will draw as many vials of blood as you are willing to give though you will find your body weakened by a proportionate amount until you can fully recover in a month’s time. Any and all donations shall be greatly appreciated and shall be for the benefit of the town in the Rises to come.

Daxarien Thornhollow]

[OOG: You can donate up to your max BP-1. It takes one month to recover from donating blood]
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Re: Blood Drive

Postby Taiah Annor » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:49 am

[written on the bottom of the flier]
Taiah Annor will be available to donate blood at the start of next month.
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