Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game


Color image of Kitabaru, a Glibben

The Glibben
The Glibben are a mystical race who are found primarily in the Glibben Wood. Though there have been rumors of Glibben throughout the ages, they had never been seen in a concentration, nor their existence confirmed, until the Glibben Wood was found. There are even more types of Glibben than there are of the common races of Ashriya. Some Glibben are never seen, but their touch is felt in many ways. Glibben have been known to be extremely curious, mischievous, friendly, mean, passive, hostile, helpful, etc. In other words, you never know what you'll get from a Glibben.

The most common of the Glibben, the Gitchee are found in all parts of the Glibben Wood where people have wandered. They embody all characteristics of the Glibben as a whole, so one can never anticipate the actions of a Gitchee.

Since the Glibben Wood sprang up in Ashriya, those who travel by or through it have found themselves ruthlessly attacked by a creature of great power. He has decimated groups who travel through, but there have been numerous stories of lone travelers who have come upon the creature, frozen in fear and watched it walk right by them. Few have ever claimed to kill a Dai'Haav and those who have are generally known to be liars and drunkards.

Color image of a grey messenger

Grey Messengers
Throughout all records of Ashriya, there has been mention of the Grey Messengers. They are commonly considered to be messengers of the gods, channeling the will, and sometimes even the voices, of the gods to the people of the land. Few are foolish enough to strike at them, but those who do suffer the consequences for the rest of their lives if their lives aren't immediately taken. The Grey are often merely stand and watch the goings on of the world and it is thought that they are sending their knowledge back to the gods who can see and hear through the Greys' eyes.

Color image of a Karo-ya

Humans have always been the most numerous of the races of Ashriya. At some time during the Arid Years, a large number found themselves situated in the Wild Lands. Overcome by hunger and thirst, they gained strength by feasting upon their kin. Presently, the Wild Lands are filled with uncountable numbers of these cannibalistic men and women who will swarm over travelers, invade towns and settlements and even battle and eat one another.

In the final of the Dry Days, Ezgart's father, Shantor (now deceased), was a highly successful merchant. Rumors state that he had made a deal with the Glibben that allowed his caravan passage when no others were permitted. Ezgart took over his father's business after the end of the drought, but ten years ago, decided he wanted to settle down and run a tavern. He founded Crossroads on the side of a lake and created two roads (north and south), which allow access through the Wood to Crossroads. Ezgart has not been seen for a few years and his tavern manager says that he is away on family business.

Since Ezgart's disappearance, Johnjon has made sure that the tavern continues to run smoothly and oversees the staff. He is generally helpful and friendly, but does not take kindly to those who cause harm to come to the tavern or its employees.

Color image of Verin Kanobis

Verin Kanobis
A living legend throughout the world, Verin travels freely across all of Ashriya. He is believed to be the most pious man who ever lived, dedicating his life to the worship of not only the Nine and One gods, but also minor gods who very few have ever heard of. It is rumored that Verin is older than the drought, but has made deals with numerous gods, which have allowed him to remain vital. Verin himself does not comment on such rumors.


King Kenton Sorrenson

Color image of Peruna Fulgora

Peruna Fulgora (Mystic)
Highlord of the Kingdom

Color image of Cyrus Fennton

Sir Cyrus Fennton (Human)
Ambassador to Barulis

Color image of Krom

Sir Krom (Haroc)
Ambassador to the New Ilkasik Empire

Sir Brutus "Bubs" Hannibal (Human)
Retired, former Ambassador to Sarth

Color image of Veles Zmei

Veles Zmei (Mystic)
Magelord of the Kingdom

Manfred Silverton
Minister of Finance

Captain Gabriel
Captain of the Royal Guard

Captain Collin Lerangis
Captain of the Derrickham Guard

Warden of the Boundary, Octavious ("Otto") Fallstrom a.k.a Warden Fallstrom
patrols the edges of the Glibben Wood

Henryk Sankovy (Vampyre)
The Kingdom's official craftsman