Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game

World of Ashriya

This is Crossroads. For your own reasons, this is where you have chosen to live. Maybe the life in the settlements was too difficult for you. Farming and fending off the many enemies the settlements encounter didn't leave you enough time to pursue the things that interested you. Perhaps the hustle and bustle of the big cities of Tangel, Barulis or Sarth left you feeling drained. Or maybe their politics didn't agree with you. The smaller towns may have been nice, but even after the drought, not everyone gets along. Maybe that girl's father just didn't like your sort, or your father wanted you to marry that boy you just couldn't stand. Maybe you're just waiting to get hired on to the next trade caravan that comes through, or you've decided this would be an ideal location to set-up your own caravan. Whatever your reasoning is, this is where you are. No matter where you came from, there are certain things that everyone in Ashriya knows. Here is a brief explanation of the political and geographic regions of Ashriya.

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