Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game


Wild Lands (central Ashriya)
In the midst of the established societies of Ashriya lies the untamed wilderness of the Wild Lands. In this place, hordes of tribal cannibals live off of one another and those who are foolish enough to attempt to shorten their trade route by traveling through this inhospitable region. Those who have managed to escape the cannibals, survive the lack of drinkable water and cross the Wild Lands have reported even great dangers, which exist in the form of monsters great and small. Few make the trip twice or are able to form coherent sentences after one trip.

The Glibben Wood (in the east, west of the Mists)
In the final 50 years of the drought, a forest was discovered in the eastern portion of the known lands of Ashriya. How this immense forest could have remained undiscovered for so long or survived the Dry Years is unknown, though there is much speculation. Although this was considered a good sign, people quickly learned the Glibben Wood was inhabited by numerous races of intelligent creatures, whom seemed to have a magical quality about them. All were forbidden to cross through this forest until Ezgart's father established contact with them and opened his own personal caravan route through the forest.

The Poison Sea (in the north)
Throughout the drought, the Poison Sea existed, taunting all who inhabited Ashriya. Not only was there an abundance of water there, but hideous monsters ravaged all who came near the shore of the sea. Those few who managed to get to the sea and take water back with them quickly found that the water was deadly to all who drank it. Even the purification of the greatest alchemists and mages couldn't make the water potable. Purity Lake (south of the Poison Sea). Although it is clear that the water from Purity Lake stems from the Poison Sea, some process takes place between the two bodies of water which not only makes the water of Purity Lake drinkable, but also makes the ground around the lake particularly fertile. This has proven to be a huge boon for Barulis and Tamecht, which are situated along the lake.

The Dragon's Maw (in the west)
The western mountains of Ashriya have long been a source of fear and wonder for the people who gaze upon it. Only the town of Daboran has managed to survive within the mountain range and Sarth is the only one willing to live in its shadow. It is said great beasts live within the mountains that no being would want to encounter even if they were willing to try to fight through the extreme colds of the only passable areas in the heights of the mountains. Few have tried to venture over the mountain range and none have ever returned.

The Dead Zone (in the southeast)
nothing survives in this barren land between the Desert of Dread and the Mists of Durasis. Not even plants manage to survive. Every now and then, a foolish adventurer will try to penetrate into the Dead Zone, but none have ever returned.

Desert of Dread (in the southwest)
The world still hasn't completely recovered from the drought and much of the world was like this desert a while ago. The greenery is slowly gaining ground and some settlements have popped up on the border as people have found some items buried in the desert sands from days before. The adventurous are willing to journey a day or two out into the desert, but find nothing but more desert. Those who go further are never heard from again.

Mists of Durasis (in the east)
One of the few tales to survive the drought tells how a great ritualist named Durasis "left for the east" to explore with a small group. He returned ten years later, looking as if he had been away twice that time. Without a word, he and three strange looking men who came with him began a ritual, which lasted for more than a month. At the completion of the ritual, the mists began to grow and soon spread from north to south as far as any could see. Durasis and the foreign men entered the mist without a word and were never seen again. To this day, no one knows what lies beyond the mists and those who have ventured to find out have never returned.

Vidra's Passage (in the northeast)
Many explorers have attempted to chart as much of Ashriya as possible. It has only been since the end of the Great Drought that a concerted effort has been made to map the land, since previous maps are either destroyed or no longer applicable. In 49 AR, a young cartographer from Tamecht, named Vidra Jack, happened upon a space between the Poison Sea and the Mists of Durasis where a canyon actually stretches under the mists. Not knowing what was beyond, she declined to explore further, but the government of Barulis appears to be extremely interested in this new discovery.