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Derrickham is a monarchy, established in 56 AR by Derrick Calpol. In 61 AR, Derrick abdicated the monarchy to defend Ashriya against an unknown assailant by sealing off a cave with his body in stone form. He adopted former Highlord Kenton Sorrenson as his son and passed the monarchy on to King Sorrenson.

The exact borders of Derrickham are unknown, partly due to the nature of the surrounding Glibben Wood. However, there are four towns that comprise the bulk of Derrickham with numerous settlements interspersed. Crossroads, The Garden, Montero and The Outpost are the major towns. Notable settlements include White Flower Village and Derrickham Keep.

The official color of Derrickham is granite gray.


Crossroads is the capital of Derrickham and special to the Kingdom for many reasons, one of which is the fact it is the only settlement actually within the Glibben Wood, and the only way to travel safely from the Empire of Barulis to the southern cities, such as the Commonwealth of Tangel.

Crossroads itself was a settlement founded in 40 AR by a trader named Ezgart, who decided to set up a tavern and trading post in a location that would make travel easier for all. No one is really sure why the Glibben allow this town to stand, but no one is complaining.

Horses and other beasts of burden are generally "spooked" and will not travel through the Glibben Wood. As such, travel in Crossroads is limited to foot travel.

There have been several different incarnations of governance in Crossroads. The first leadership was The Council of Five who ruled the independent city until an annexation by the Barulan Empire. The city was taken from Barulis by then Barulan Lord Derrick Calpol (formerly of the Council of Five) and Derrickham was established. Crossroads' rulership was briefly in contention during what has become known in some circles as "The Fool's Rebellion".

The city is currently run by a council of five that answers to the King. Four of the council are determined by the citizens of Crossroads in a general election and the fifth is a Lord appointed by the King. The current council is Riler Talimar, Sir Krom, Luellen Rolfe, Desther Everto, and Lord Auro who was appointed by King Sorrenson.

There are several residential buildings in Crossroads.

The central building is the tavern, called "The Dragon's Claw" run by proprietor Johnjon, his manager Rebekah, and barkeep, Skye.


The Garden is a thriving farming community sandwiched between the Western edge of the Glibben Wood and the fringe of the Wild Lands. It takes seven days to travel on the paths from Crossroads, but twelve hours through the Glibben Wood itself. Few dare to take the path through the Wood, as the Glibben do not look kindly upon trespassers. Also, the mutable nature of the wood could mean that the journey takes much longer than one would expect or that one would end up in a different location than expected.

In 51 AR, The Garden formally asked for assistance from Crossroads after one-too-many Karo-Ya attacks, and Titus Andrus was sent to oversee The Garden. Sometime in 55 AR, Titus disappeared, and The Garden was left in disarray with no leadership. In 57 AR, after the establishment of Derrickham, King Calpol absorbed the Gardens as a settlement under the protection of Derrickham and appointed the very popular Sabian (a retired Corporal of Tangel) and Jeselle (his lovely young wife) Standower, to be the Lord and Lady of The Garden, granting them complete authority over the lands.

The Standowers left the lands to the hard working farmers who supply the Kingdom of Derrickham in exchange for protection. In 62 AR, Lord Standower murdered Lady Standower in a jealous rage, during which, his heart failed, and he died. Neither is known to have resurrected. The Garden and its operations are run by Rakish Soultarna, a Dagon with exceptional farming skills, who is overseeing the continual production of food.


Three days to the South of Crossroads is the Outpost.

The soul of the Outpost is anarchy. The phrase "Honor Among Thieves" comes to mind. There's a complex interweaving of self-interest, violence, and unconcern that somehow comes together to form a system that runs like a well-oiled machine; every person and part is much more dependent on the rest than they realize or will admit. The functionality of the place is maintained by keeping up the illusion of utter chaos. There is seemingly no one in charge, no visible presence of any effective guards, and a strong level of anonymity.

The Outpost was a small settlement formed in 55 AR at the Southern mouth of the passage through the Glibben Wood. It quickly grew as some of the least respectable people in Ashriya learned the advantage to being along one of the most trafficked trade routes in the world. Long renowned for its lawlessness, the Outpost joined Derrickham in 57 AR, through the political maneuvering of then Highlord, now King Sorrenson. King Calpol named Lady Abigail Blackshire as the Lady of the Outpost. However, being a Krosan, some felt her time would end before she was able to accomplish much. As of 62 AR, the Outpost was turned over to Lady Missy Sagameer, who is known to be subdued, subtle and quiet.

There is a small group of buildings, shaped in a "U", facing toward the mouth of the Glibben Wood. One has been designated for the Lord or Lady of the Outpost, and is protected by magical wards. This was the first set of buildings created at the mouth of the road to the Glibben Wood and maintain high status amongst the people. Despite any unseemliness that may occur in the Outpost, this cluster of buildings are generally safe. The buildings are known unofficially as "The Arms", which is short for "The Welcoming Arms of the South". The rest of The Outpost was built up south of The Arms and have a few well known spots.

"The Black Pudding" is a fine tavern and inn, known for its secrecy and high level of privacy.

"The Adventurer's Equestrian" is a large stable owned and operated by Darla Poppycock, an Elf who tends to horses left by people traveling North or buys and sells for those passing through. She has a deal with a stable in Montero, called "Mattock's Stable", for reciprocation.

"The Last Stop" is a store that provides provisions and all the basic needs for a long road trip, but also includes a bar area.

Several other buildings that sell wares or provide services are unnamed and unmarked.


Four days to the north of Crossroads is Montero.

Originally referred to as "Shantytown", Montero was founded around 59 AR, as a collection of loosely thrown together buildings, tents and stables right on the Northern mouth of the passage to the Glibben Wood. It was created more through happenstance than any particular desire to begin a community, but its settlers found that there was a need for wares and services at the entrance to the Wood and stayed. It was not named "Montero" until sometime in late 61 AR. Around this time, Derrickham aided the people of the shantytown in repelling a Barulan force (more specifically from Singo). Soon after, the people of the shantytown agreed that it would make more sense Highlord Sorrenson named his bounty hunters, Malcolm and Zoey Breckenridge, as Lord and Lady of Montero.

The majority of people are just passing through, but there are a few amenities for those who do need respite after traveling North through the Wood, or a stop before passing through to the South. There is a very strong sense of community, and in recent attacks by outside forces, the residents of Montero will put aside any differences and staunchly fight furiously for their own, and to preserve their chosen way of life.

"The Watering Hole" is owned by a Haroc named Ruguk, who sells liquor out of a wagon that is sitting in a hole about 2 feet deep. Ruguk has set up a few tents and benches for those who frequent his establishment, as well as a stage area where bards such as Randall Raphael and Leadrin Winters are known to perform.

"The Wanderers' Inn" is literally a large single room full of beds owned by Abel Schlaff, an Elf, and protected by two brutish humans, Bick and Bock. The beds are separated by cloth and wood roofless partitions. Rates are typically 3-4 drake a night. There are two rooms in the back, which are rented for longer terms and for more drake. There are a few other makeshift bunkhouses, but they are meager, albeit cheaper.

"Mattock's Stable", which is adjacent to the Wanderers' Inn, is run by Douglass Mattock, a human. Mattock tends to horses left by people traveling South or buys and sells for those passing through. He has a deal with a stable in the Outpost, called "The Adventurer's Equestrian" for reciprocation.

Madame Clarice's Pighouse is a pig farm on the Northernmost end of the settlement, with dozens of pigsties. There are twenty women and five men who live at Madame Clarice's and a passerby would think that the pigs are squealing all through the night... until they see the pigs sleeping.


About six hours away from Crossroads on the path to the South toward the Outpost is a small collection of a few buildings, where some citizens of Crossroads maintain their homes. When one passes through here, it is not uncommon to find no residents home.


The castle, Derrickham Keep is a stone structure originally built for Derrick Calpol, located about one day to the east and a little south of downtown Crossroads within the Glibben Wood along the crossing road. It is a large, sprawling one-story building with parapets and a few menacing looking catapults on the roof. The grounds are much larger than the Keep itself and contain training grounds, barracks, shops and taverns. Guards often patrol the area immediately surrounding the area.


The Royal Guard of Derrickham remain in the Keep or in the presence of their King. The exception is matters of grave importance that the King trusts only to the Royal Guard. Their primary responsibility is the safety of the King and the security of the Keep.

The Derrickham Guard were primarily a mercenary force under King Derrick, but have shifted into a reliable group of citizens who are trained at the Keep. The Guard patrol all of the settlements and cities of Derrickham and focus on keeping the roads clear of beasts and bandits, as well as keeping travellers out of the Glibben Wood.


Trade in Derrickham is simple. The Garden produces the food and livestock, which are transported by caravans and purchased by vendors who mostly specialize in one type of food. The caravans are organized by Johannes Boyarin, Caravan Master, assisted by Mikra Tanning, a Ghoul.


The laws of Derrickham and those specific to the capitol, are subject to change from time to time as council members come and go. Information about the current laws is posted on the message board in the Dragon's Claw Tavern. Read more...


There is complete religious tolerance in Derrickham, but there are few religious structures.

In Crossroads, there is a Temple of Aradia (where the High Priest of Aradia, Veles Zmei, resides), a Temple of Avanti, and shrines to various gods, many of which are housed in the Dragon's Claw Tavern.

In The Garden, there is a humble shrine of Darius and a small grove dedicated to Simone.

At the Outpost, there is a small shrine to Aradia.


The only restrictions on magic within Derrickham is a ban on magics that remove an individuals will, such as Domination.

There is no organized Mage Guild of Derrickham. Crossroads maintains its own Mage Guild, run by the acting Guildmaster Therru (Mystic). Former Guildmaster Cyrus Fennton is now a Knight of the Kingdom. Former Guildmaster Tristemar Sykes was moved to Magelord and has now vacated his position. The Magelord is currently Veles Zmei, who is also the High Priest of Aradia.