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Kingdom of Derrickham

Black and white image of the seal of Derrickham

Derrickham is a monarchy, established in 56 AR by Derrick Calpol. In 61 AR, Derrick abdicated the monarchy to defend Ashriya against an unknown assailant by sealing off a cave with his body in stone form. He adopted former Highlord Kenton Sorrenson as his son and passed the monarchy on to King Sorrenson. Read more...

Commonwealth of Tangel

Color image of the seal of Tangel

Tangel (or in some ancient texts, 'Tanjel') used to be a single city, but as the Capital City of Tangel has been joined by other cities, the term 'Tangel' has been used to refer to the Commonwealth of Tangel as a whole, which includes some small settlements and unnamed villages. Read more...

Barulan Empire

Color image of the seal of Barulis

There are nine Lands, and two territories in Barulis. Each of the nine lands has a Councilor, who sits on the Emperor's Council. The Councilor is often hereditary or bequeathed.

In contrast, the two territories are run by Overseers appointed by the Council.

The "Emperor's Council" is a title. There isn't really an emperor and Barulis itself is considered the Emperor "who rules all".

Each Land has several estates. The estate leaders all comprise the House of Lords. Lorander is the Speaker for the House of Lords. The Speaker isn't a Lord himself, but as he carries the voice of all of the Lords, he wields considerable power. Read more...

Independant Settlements

Nestled into the southern mountains of the Great Maw, a group of Haroc established a town during the drought to keep themselves out of the affairs of the rest of the world. With less of a need for water, they managed to horde what they could and trade it with others to add to the wealth of their city. They managed to collect a quantity of pre-drought artifacts and Ritika made inventions, which have made their town both comfortable and secure. They are very wary of outsiders, though it has been said that there are members of other races who live comfortably within the town. Caravans are often allowed into a specific area once a month for trade.

Luso D'Sarth was known as a man of tactical genius and a strong arm. He was able to form a town out of a small settlement north of Daboran and just east of the Dragon's Maw. In the past year, the politics of Sarth have become quite strange. Luso has been issuing commands from his bedchamber and refuses to see any but his son, Sammis who then carries them out. Because of its location on the western fringe of the Wild Lands, Sarth is not a common stopping point for all but the most adventurous of traders. Formerly sending caravans to Crossroads on a semi-regular basis, trading for many of the best weapons, components and pickled vegetables that merchants can supply, they have recently closed their borders.

Once a town on the fringes of society, Jast was the first political body to establish ties with the Necropolis. Learning that they had nothing to fear from the Undead citizens, the people of Jast became the focal point of trade with the gigantic undead city and has flourished while the Necropolis still stood. Jast is currently ruled by Sarth, who overtook the city after the Necropolis fell. Some rumors state that the annexation occurred with threat of arms, while others tell that (former King, now Lord Governor) Irwin Efficks willingly joined Sarth in fear that Barulis would follow the Undead refugees to Jast and destroy that city as they had the Necropolis.

The Ruins of the Necropolis
The ruins of the city of the undead lies in the farthest northern reaches of the known land, to the west of the Poison Sea. Once a well-ordered, wealthy city, the Necropolis was destroyed by Barulis in 57 AR. The undead of the Necropolis have fled throughout Ashriya and apparently lost what self-control they once had. The formerly civilized undead of the drought, have given way to fearsome hordes of twisted, maniacal living dead and scattered remnants of civilization searching for a new home.

The New Ilkasik Empire
Founded about 51 AR, by an army from another world known as Ilkasik, the New Ilkasik Empire has grown to include races of Ashriya as well as those from Ilkasik. Led by Emperor Nakinishi, the N.I.E. has its base in the southwest of Ashriya and a force currently sitting at the opposite end of Ashriya by the base of Vidra's Passage.

Throughout all of Ashriya, there are numerous settlements of people, which are independent and have a low population. Some increase in size and power while others simply disappear. Most adventurers who are not from a major city or town have a home settlement where they keep supplies or where their families live.

In the time of the Dry Days, many of the people of Ashriya felt it was foolish to settle down and watch your supply of water dwindle, so they would constantly be on the move, taking what water they could and moving on. A strong warlord, who would exact tributes from any weaker groups his or her tribe came across, would lead the tribe. In the present day, few of these nomadic groups still wander Ashriya as the major cities extend their control and the Black Tower has risen in the Wild Lands.

The Black Tower
First discovered in the middle of the Wild Lands in 51 AR, very few know where the Black Tower came from. Rumors say that one of the strangers who came from another world built it. Wherever it came from, there are hordes of undead and beast creatures circling the tower on all sides.

Merchant Caravans
Since the Great Change, merchant caravans have been the main source for commerce and communication on Ashriya. Though there are some who are willing to travel in smaller groups, caravans provide greater protection for all who journey within. As Ashriya primarily has a barter economy, the caravans will often carry a wide variety of items with which to trade.