Healer's Guild of Crossroads Annual Summer Blood Drives

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Healer's Guild of Crossroads Annual Summer Blood Drives

Postby Dax » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:40 pm

[A flier is posted on the tavern wall]

{The flier reads:

Attention Citizens of Crossroads

On behalf of the Healer's Guild of Crossroads and in the interest of the surgical preservation of the lives of the townsfolk We are pleased to announce two upcoming blood drives. At the request of Guild Mistress Lyndi Thorne We shall be drawing blood on the first day of the next two coming months. This should allowing adequate time for all who donate a portion of their lifeblood to recover fully before the next rising of the star Terres. While at times we are able to save some from passing into Death's, unless our Lord wills it to be, we need your assistance to do so at the best of our ability.

In light of the recent events of the last rising of the star We need not remind that Death can claim many during the brief times of a rise and without an adequate supply of blood our skill at blood transfusion is of little help to the citizen of Crossroads who may require our medical expertise. As such We wish to remind you all that donating is a quick and relatively painless procedure. We shall draw as many vials of blood from each patient as they are willing to give, though do remember that you shall be proportionately weakened until your body has time to fully recover.

We hope to build up a supply that will last us until the winter months arrive and could use more blood from each race as our supplies are quite low for all races with the exception of Wyldings. And so We ask that all of you come to our blood drives if you can afford to spare the day. We know that the summer months are quite busy for many so any and all donations shall be greatly appreciated and benefit the town as a whole.

May our Lord look kindly upon you all,
Dr. Daxarien Thornhallow
Financial Officer of the Healer's Guild of Crossroads

[Hastily scribbled at the bottom of the page:]
Additionally, any who donate at both drives We will happily buy a drink at the Tavern during the next Rise
-Dr. Dax}

[OOG: You can donate up to your max BP-1. It takes one month to recover from donating blood. Please specify how many vials you are donating in your timeblock submission.]
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Re: Healer's Guild of Crossroads Annual Summer Blood Drives

Postby Solapse » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:40 pm

Doctor Dax,

I would lovew 2 help, bute my blo0d alcohjol lebl hasnt comee dowmn from youir special drink yet.w

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