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Postby Kosay Yasoak » Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:08 pm

Let me first state, this is in no way a call out of a previously seen use of the skill but i was re-reading the rulebook and a though occurred to me.

Target is commanded by the source of the effect. The target must obey the spirit of the commands and cannot be commanded to harm themselves directly or to enter a situation that they deem suicidal. Effect is broken if target is attacked by the source or otherwise given a command that is expressly forbidden (such as to harm themselves).

My character is Dominated, is told to kill the Queen. My response was to state out loud "i am going to attack the queen" and then proceeded to attempt to kill her with fire-bolts. I am quickly cut down. Now let's break down my IG and OOG thought process.
IG: Attacking the Queen can quickly lead to my death, I assume people can surmise something is occurring that is outside of the norm and will not hold me accountable for these actions. Also i will probably be healed. Thus this is not STRICTLY suicidal.
OOG: To have someone directly attempt to attack the Queen of Derrickham in the middle of a grouping of her people and knights is purely suicidal for just about any NPC's and also some PC's. For me to not think it is suicidal requires a META understanding of how these things tend to work out at LARP's. It requires some PC's to hold themselves back because of this OOG understanding, long enough for someone to give them a good IG reason to not just kill me. Most people are trying to follow the spirit of the request, but what about a PC that is hated by the town, who are looking for excuses to penalize that character? They think they may face repercussions regardless of the situation. Does a character like that have good enough reason to not follow the command?

I think the effect Control should be the only thing that can be used for something in this context:
Target is absolutely controlled by source of the effect, must obey all commands and cannot take independent action. The effect will typically be used with an identifier specifying what is being controlled such as “Control Lesser Undead” which would affect common undead, or “Control Spirit” which would affect a spirit.

Am i reading too much into this? We all know the best loop hole to Dominate. "Dominate, kill your friends" ... "none of these people are my friends". So could i respond with, "no, that's potentially suicidal"
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