Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

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Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Tim-Director » Mon Jun 04, 2018 12:34 pm

Let's get it started!

[Game om] “RP Nausea, 1 minute.”
"Ugh! You guys need to clean up in there! It reeks"

Having some player mistake Kortenis for Ozir the Defiler. “Um, I haven’t been in Crossroads for at least three Rises! I’ve been working on my next masterpiece!” “What is that?” “My follow up to ‘Stomp the Graveyard’, called ‘We hate the fleshbags… Except for me!’”

Agrue to the Minor Death: “We got your message.” Dax to the Minor Death: “We know what needs to be done.”
Lance: “He’s right behind you! There! No, there! Run!”

Kierdyn to me: “I have traveled far. Where are we now?”
Followed by Eric totally unscripted and unplanned, killing me with my own dagger, and delivering me.

“I don’t believe you are attractive enough for him….”

Danton: “Are you Tobias? My father told me about you! He said that you were the best surgeon he’s ever taught. He never let me forget that.”

Kinlinn the Comedic Roast-Master
“Do you have Zinaar symbols on your codpiece and socks, too?”
“So you worship the god of rage and anger by sitting in the corner quietly and meditating and watching your toenails grow?”
“Who are you?” (Stopping myself from channeling The Rock and interrupting with “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO YOU ARE!”)
“So you’re an assassin and a surgeon? Do you kill your target and then bring them back and ask them for a reward?”

Trying to play a cynical Cyrus for the wedding. Nice to have a plot be entirely nice, sweet, and fulfilling. Hard to be Cyrus for it.
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Merry » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:57 pm

Agrue smashing the ward of a Kammat worshipper with a hammer of Deathly Divinity, as if it were particle board.

"Who I am is less important than what I know."
"And what is it you know"
Leaning in to whisper "Everything. Rp Paranoia"

Zen and Dax and the Dragons Claw top shelf

Second hand book purchasing plot coming dangerously close to a trail. Oh the beurocracy!

Two lessons I loved learning while NPCing:
1) if you come looking for someone by name, not a single person knows who or where that person is. I can only imagine what it would be like to try to take a census in crossroads
2) it doesn't matter how genteel your RP is, of crossroads doesn't know you, one of them will be standing behind you at all times.
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Erykahn » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:56 pm

Erykahn and Zoey's wedding...
It was one...no...my absolute favorite moment at terres.
Everything was perfect. The humidity dropped, the backdrop of the sun over the lake, Peruna's words, Leadrin's song, close friends being there to witness, nothing came to ruin it. It was just amazing and warming for it to finally happen. I love you Terres!!!

The bar!! What a great idea.

Erykahn drinking the whole event. He was hammer 90% of the event. But, never to drunk to backstab things.

"Macone really knows how to throw a bachelor party"

Sythik the bartender

Friday night: Rob and Scott at the bar. Rob mentions me as the beggar Knight. I ask him for 5drake. Then, buy a drink.

Cyrus being super sweet to Erykahn. His wedding gift to Erykahn. That had me tearing up, a little.

Sunday fight: flanking the undead and pulling off a few, brilliant backstabs.


Zoey threatening Morvos off of the couch after he disengaged me out of my seat. Using my dagger....Erykahn, is a lucky man.

Slumber party in the mage guild

"Death is the end!"

Watching Eric Black laughing uncontrollably at Solapse telling Inumate to sweep under the bed. While, raiding a cabin after the Saturday night fight.

Zoey "I hate this dress. You're lucky I love you"
Erykahn "But, you look beautiful, though"
Zoey: scowl
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Leadrin Winters » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:54 pm

Return of the COUUUUCH, and watching the town's gradual warming up to the idea every time someone actually sat on it for the first time. Also little additions making the tavern in general feeling more like home than ever. Props to the people who contributed to that.

Spending all weekend educating people on harmful vs. harmless fuzzy caterpillars. Yall need to brush up.

Stemming from a conversation about how people assume Kundus refers to male bits when it is in fact all-encompassing:

"Broaden your frunking horizons, you frunking Kundus."

Bitter kitchen staff jokes with Tony that I will not fully divulge out of respect for people with legitimate allergies/intolerances. Also "Mandy".

The Herald of Watermelons, and the Harbinger of Weasels.

Tom's very OOG "We had a better run though" comment, I frunking died. "I don't even know what you're talking about, guy I don't know..."

Me and Mordecai yelling at Drago for dramatically advancing the line right after Mordecai had popped a channeling spell. Also the decent healer tag team that we made on the Saturday night Kammat fight.

The trend of using puddle form to beat up physical wards continues.

Drago referring to Eric's slaver as "Mr. Man." Also, "Well now you're in a religious dispute apparently, so like, enjoy that I guess."

Getting Zen all excited about putting something in the puzzle pendant, and then casting Cleanse Food/Drink.
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Kierdyn » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:18 pm

“Don't trust the Mages Guild. They are thieves.”

Ridiculous cultist paranoia at the slumber party

Zoey and Kierdyn are the kind of girls who need to use a knife to put on a dress.

Lending a very sentimental item.

All the RP with Scott’s Lord of Balance worshipper, both with Scott and PC to PC after.

“You sat on the couch..”
“Only for you like this.”

“For your crimes against innocents, I deliver you to Death 1, I deliver you to Death 2, I deliver you to Death 3!”

“Can I write on this?”

“We're going to go play with our balls” (foot massaging balls)
“Can I come?”


*Getting barreled over by a backing up Mandorellen*
“Kierdyn are you okay? Are you conscious?”
“Yes. Don't move me! My feet are still planted!”
*Peruna and Agrue pull me up without my feet budging*

“If you don't have a pen and paper on you, you aren't going to win anyway.”

“You said you thought it was about 1700 years ago”

“You should really know everything about someone before you mess with them”

“Vocal 1 body”
“Vocal 1 body”
“Vocal 1 body”

“Well, I got one for me first”

“Well yes, but [redacted] is a big place..”

“You feel like it was a success”
*Literally falling to the floor*

“Tax the breathing.” And everything else during Sunday morning training.
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Solapse » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:15 am

Breaking Eric multiple times, especially getting hot and bothered by the purple rope light.


Kamaat Ritual fight @ Stables:
Ya'll did some work my little mash-mashers.
Feeling proud of Ollie's rain of silence knifes burn up 4-5 phases before forcing the loud commander guy to back up behind the lines. Also, watching him push back the entire enemy line by landing 4 knives on 4 targets in quick succession.
Hail Mary tossing carefully aimed silence gases and hitting the guy shouting out a rite way in the back, multiple times.
Arradon's reaction speed when one of the undead started to incant and was hit with a magic silence before they could finish.
And as always, the joy I feel as I see the anger level of the big bad guy hit a boiling point when they are repeatedly shut the f**k up while trying to monologue.

1 Body gatling gun Kierdyn getting knocked to the ground and telling people to lift her up because her feet are still planted.

I finally get an opening to inspect the ward and go for it...
The first thing I hear called out:
"Take 100 damage."
me in head: "wow, that's a first."
(I don't know who called that out but LOL and also careful how you phrase things!)

Hearing Kierdyn come running up to high town calling for a surgeon for people she left in the tavern, I ran towards it. Completely abandoned and no sign of anyone alive or dead, I decide to give up and hit the treeline & smoke as I watch/listen to the carnage in hightown. Walking out the tavern doors, I start to make out something where there shouldn't be if nobody is around. Low and behold, there's a dead Morvos & Vice, slumped over the smoker's bench in *almost* complete darkness. How fortuitous!

Doppleganger Merry doing his best weird-Merry at weird-Merry o'clock. Couldn't have picked a more perfect time to fool us TBHO.

Being driven crazy by Bwaine walking slightly too fast for me while component hunting.

Walking in the woods for hours hammering out the details of the festival with Innumate (while also finding components).


Almost through soloing a ward rit as fast as I possibly can with just a single affinity so far, the marshall goes behind me to mess with the ropelight, which starts to hit me in the leg
Still crushed it in under 5 minutes!
(Keep hogging the couch and it will become my personal nap sofa. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :P )

All of you were seriously awesome at the festival and I just can't remember everything, here's what I can off the top of my head:

Lyndi Thorn screaming that she was going to take all the ropes and win the thieves contest while dumping all of her AP into an Arradon furiously burning his AP to defend himself, 1 minute before magic hour. And then Arradon's RP Paranoia right after about everyone tryin take his ropes.

Agrue startling everyone in the tavern as he hulked out to win the strength competition & Drago being so entertained by it that he donated 20 more drake to the pot.

Staying one step ahead of Lance at every point all through Friday & Saturday, near the festival's end I started getting complaints that Lance had created a festival token black market, NICE.
Amused by his clever exploitation of loopholes in our rules, I just replied, "Maybe there should be, but right now there's nothing in the rules stopping him."

Shortly after this, Drago came to turn in a token he clearly couldn't have won. So, I ask him where he got it, and without even stopping to think about it, he said he had bought it from Lance.
How could I disqualify someone so honest about their sincere determination to play the odds & get what he wanted & win? Especially over our own lack of foresight? <3

The look on Arc's face when, sooner than he ever thought possible, he found what he had been searching so hard for after coming to me for help.
(Fortune favors the bold.)

Searching almost 6 years for knowledge lost to the ages, and finally getting a solid lead.

Unable to sleep, I sat in bed in the wee hours Sunday going over all the wards I've come across and tried to reverse engineer prototype abstracts and see if I could tease out the likely properties & vulnerabilities based on this, until I passed out.
I woke up to Zen laughing at me covered in all of my ritual-related notes & papers. (TAKE A PICTURE NEXT TIME FIRST)
Arriving at the mod, I see a ward, and put my work to the test:
That feel when one of your hypotheses produces a positive result!

The ward almost down, I see Lance assume the prime position next to the door and realize it's time to play RACE FOR THE LOOT.
The ward pops and Lance wastes no time in cracking the door just enough to slip in, but I'm right on his tail. Both of us immediately start ransacking the place as fast as we can to out-loot each other. Sweeping the table, beds, under the beds, etc. EVERWHERE.
Completely looting everything in the room before anyone realizes the ward is even down, we start walking out with our hands so full we both started tucking stuff under our arms and against our chest to carry it all.
Right as Lance gets to the door, it opens and a Kierdyn appears. I hear the DOMINATE call and chuckle as he ends up having everything but a handful of flies taken from him.

*I open the box I just looted*
*scanning resists in head*
Letting Solapse drop to the sweet release of death & RP "DO AND THINK NOTHING", I got carried to the most comfortable bed I've ever bed on @ Terres and listened to the stellar Surgeon RP. The whole thing was ASMR as heck and exactly what I needed to unwind after everything this rise.
(That was also the first time I've been dead in years and first time I've had surgery performed on me period. Made me want to die more often!)
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Kierdyn » Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:41 am

Good guy* Lance coming out of looting a building, handing me the good stuff and admitting to a handful of flies.
"Do you agree to domination to prove that's all you've taken?"
"Dominate. Tell me what you found"
"The thing I gave you and these flies."
"Break dominate. Thank you. Keep the flies."

* Good might be a stretch, but Lance seemed pretty alright when we talked this event.

Additionally, people trying to assure me Lance had really been putting himself on the line to be helpful during the Death murder plot Saturday morning. Me assuring them I knew, and it wasn't sarcasm.

Seeing Solapse take 100 damage without question. Then the relief of the clarify that the ward needed to take it, not that he did.

Hearing the stories of underclothed people going to Death's realm, and how over the course if rehearing the story most people were more and more clothed each telling.
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Kit » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:51 am

- bed & bros (misread bumper sticker en route to site leads to amazing sit-com pitch)
- three-way couscous pregame kitchen math fail.
- Arradon is two moon-moons in a trench coat.

- Me & Eric, in the middle of realising how deep our current problem goes, saying "honor system?" at basically the same moment. (We love you guys.)

- Sythik pride-purring with the Glibben Rose in his mouth.

- Drago: Are we going outside of Derrickham? I have perimission to kill...someone...if we leave Derrickham.
Lethe (around the freezepop in her mouth): ...I'm Uncomfortable.

- Kitsume cat-washing her face outside the tavern after head-butting Arradon right in a full cup of soda. Whoops.

- The bar, the bartenders, the drink menu (and Crossroads being So Drunk.) This was pure gold, this was Everything, this was the saving grace of a really stressful weekend. Big love to Mike Snow and Don, for everything you put into making that happen. It adds a whole 'nother level.
(also I don't know about the rest of you but being able to see in the tavern at night was a new experience and I am well into it.)

- marshalling a Thing and then happening to witness the slickest fly-by assassination.

- No matter how abstract I get in designing a Dagon mod, no matter how far out on a limb i think i am, you guys are always on board and ready to take it to the next level. THANK YOU.

- (i'm also quite proud of my last minute siminol spring)

- listening to a lengthy call and response late Saturday night between a gang of Tirioch and one very confused owl.

- Thank you, everyone, for your patience while I'm learning the ropes in the kitchen. Before I got started I predicted a yearlong learning curve before I've got this job down, and every mistake is a learning experience. Thanks very much for understanding and sticking it out. <3
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Re: Favorite Moments, June 2018, Event 2

Postby Solapse » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:00 am

Zen mixing me up the most expensive drink on the menu on Erikkan's tab was great. Followed by being so braindead after the festival that I was coming up with nothing during the hallucinate effect, that Zen noticed and started telling me what I was hallucinating. Thanks for the help, dear friend.

Finding out ya'll made more in tips than the entire pot at the Festival made my jaw drop. The only mistake was talking about it, the taxman gonna come for his cut now.

That bar is something special and kudos to all of you that made it happen. Please keep it up!
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