Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

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Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Tim-Director » Mon May 07, 2018 6:09 pm

I suspect I will have more as they come to me, but I had to get things started!

{Anonymous Player" “I am not afraid of you, Macone!" [Macone does Effects, including Divine RP Fear 1 minute.] “Ok, maybe I am."

{Similar situation as above.} "Yes, ok. Message received."

"Divine RP Fear, 1 minute." - Macone
"Interesting, your Majesty truly is Divine." - Macone.

"Zen are you wearing Leadrin's face on your face?" - Peruna

"Stop trying to hit the Vulture when he's flying. You're just wasting your energy. Ranged attacks and Magic!" - Shivas

[Rp Agony!} - Drago
"BWAAAAAAAA!!!} - Wally bawling like a baby for five minutes

"Here {slurp], have one {slurp}" - Lastrick, chewing on a Krosan Stick like chewing tobacco
"We thank you." - Dax

The entire improv between Edgar and Launce. Haven't done that with Eric in years.

"Where is Silver? Oh forget it... We Phase in 300 foot radius!" - Kierdyn
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Kit » Mon May 07, 2018 7:23 pm

clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop, nibble nibble, Maaaehhh. (I very much want to get the goat-men tap shoes and send them out to nibble on everything in your cabins. Just imagine.)

desperately improv-ing a way home from a Past Now, mid-encounter. Can't use the regular gate. get glowstick, break glowstick, smear glowstick: "Tag my hand! Tag my hand! I'm a gate now!"

Drago's face appears at the door to the kitchen. "Hey. if you see Tom, can you tell him he's wearing my boots."

post-game speculation & general silliness - "what happens if two people Charm each other at the exact same time?" ('some enchanted evening' plays, world's briefest marriage ensues)

Erykhan's face reacting to tormentoralchemist?? was everything I hoped for, really.

Doing an 'again again'. 'Aw shoot, i was already here tonight? that's weird even for me.'

setting up comp vignettes on the trails remains one of my favorite things to do (--I get to go for a walk in the woods and play with toys?) and I remain super grateful to Pat Pop for setting us up with a beautifully-realised system. FROG PARTY.

That thing where someone calls a Stun and not just the target but the entire local fight group accidentally takes the effect (i.e. NOBODY MOVES for several seconds at all.) It's endearing, it cracks me up. Humans are pack animals.

Rob: says something about Fixodent.
Me (chiming in from across the room) -- And Forget It!
Me & Rob: *start cracking up excessively*
Younger Crunchies nearby: ???

(general apology as usual for That Thing My Face Does when I've run out of processing power and someone asks me a question.)

Big Gratitude to all the people who propped me up this weekend when I needed help, reminded me to take breaks, made me laugh, let me cry, let me vent, gave me hugs, and helped me get through my first weekend stepping into Chris's Kitchen Shoes. Even bigger gratitude for those times when you take care of each other in the same way. <3
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Arcturius » Mon May 07, 2018 8:58 pm

I am starting a personal tradition since this thought comes to me after every rise, MVP Spell of this rise "I create a force to disarm you". The look on many a grunt's face when they stare at me for a moment then toss away their shield/ or only weapon.

[Redacted] - one of the first times I let myself show others how I felt instead of bottling it up, I think I truly conveyed my full disappointment in this moment.

Aradia RP this rise was on point, Explaining my belief and vision to Austinus and Marie, Having a contrast with Austinus myself being an Idealistic follower of Aradia and him being a pragmatic follower is and will continue to lead to great RP moments, And the prayers to Aradia from Austinus and myself after sunday battle.

Having a few grunts come up to me and let me know just how much it felt to never know what spell I was gonna throw next, I'm only just starting to be a Wizard and the versatility is already showing it's worth.

Yes, ok. Message received. the message as I didn't get to explain - I may be able to block some of your abilities, but I cannot stop them all. I was just an annoyance.

sitting in the Tavern right after time/vision thing, when off in the distance "14,14,14,14,14,14" - Me: "well I'm glad I am nowhere Near that blender.

Austinus: People call me Ash because they don't know my full name. Me: Austinus. Austinus: well my surname was forgotten at this point as well. Me: Belinor. Austinus: well now I just feel bad, because I have forgotten yours.

More to come if I remember anything else.
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Leadrin Winters » Mon May 07, 2018 11:27 pm

Fending off the first wave of goat men (which I was being told were supposed to be actual literal goats at the time), watching one of them huck a pair of boots at Drago on the way out, and putting two and two together of what the frunk just happened.

(Side note: Katie, I would take inquisitive pest goatmen over actively-bloodthirsty karo'ya any day).

The Denominat. He divides people. Literally.

Also, Drago demanding that I defend him, and only realizing when someone else asked him how paralyze works that I had been actively paralyzed the entire time, making me break my super-serious paralyzed face.

The mad skills of my bard bros, picking up the backup part to a whole new piece with only a single rehearsal and no advanced notice. <3

The multiple points throughout this event where I legitimately felt like a peacemaker and like I was actually making a difference.

The many heartwarming rite contributions.

After the fact, being regaled of the glorious silence smackdown that Merry dished out for me in my time of need.

The Grey's reaction to "Zen are you wearing Leadrin's face on your face?" and several other things.
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Solapse » Mon May 07, 2018 11:59 pm

In no particular order:

Watching Lyndi Thorn go feral and beat the crap out of 1/3 of the town brought me great joy.

redacted: "Hey, there usually isn't a darkspot on the path here.."
*I look down at the spot on the path ahead and my eyes start to focus, yep it's bear-shaped BEAR OH SH*
Me: "OH crap BEAR." *almost loose my crap and panic run*
redacted: "No don't run, just calm down just walk backwards slowly..."

Bad Horse man: "blah blah blah kamat magic blah blah"
*I look over to see Sithik infront of Bad Horse man thing*
Bad Horse: "Resist, Magic Shield"
Sithik: "No, it's physical."
Bad Horse: "Got it."
This image popped into my head
*Solapse & Sithik antimage fistbump*

*sneak around tavern to see the back of the line of timedorks pushing into the frontdoor*
Jeff Devine NPC: *turns head quickly & opens mouth but stops to think*
*Both of us hold that backstab pose for few seconds*
Jeff Devine NPC: "Oh yeh! Phase."
Me: "Oh ok, crap!"

The amazing conversation that happened between Ash, Merry, Solapse, and Locke on philosophy of the mind & life.
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Kierdyn » Tue May 08, 2018 8:42 am

Walking into the tavern and the wind making me a badass.
“How'd you do that?!”
“It's natural”

Mark: “Lady Liren sent me”
Me internally: Oh god, it's bad when what's funny at 2am in Crossroads becomes real. I hope other nations don't hear about this.

Darius Rite- everyone kicked ass and I love how dark Crossroads’ experience of love is. So many shaky voices. Such good RP.

frunk it, Do a Ritual- the light hearted fun everyone needed. “Affinity!”

For the Cob!

*If looks could kill* “NEVER make that mistake again.”
*The melting face of someone who realized they frunked up*

Redacted: Kierdyn do you want to go to the Toklin thing?
Kierdyn: Next time say, “Kierdyn, get up, it's time for the Toklin thing.”

Realizing what was going on with Edgar and Launce.

Walking back from the past

Seeing Drago use Parry in the big Saturday Timeless fight and remembering I also have that skill.

Where is Silver? Oh frunk it, I’m not waiting.” *Glances at grey Tim nervously before taking more liberties with what I was told to do* “300ft radius on me, we phase in 1, phase in 2, phase in 3”

“No, I know”
“No. Thinks you”
“Oh! You're welcome.”

Bear Scare- true story Ed and I were less than 10ft from a bear on the waterfront path 5am Sunday.

“Kierdyn could probably put that together right now.” The level of confidence, especially from that person, was a definite compliment.

And everything that followed.

Seeing the Church of the Red meeting all in their black and red robes. Looking good.

Kierdyn to [Redacted] : “But really, I don't care what your position on any of that is. [A lot of redacted] … That's all that really matters.”

Tom as a Karoya RPing hitting a wall when a desecrate was thrown up.

When I got a message from future Kierdyn and realized why Tim had asked me to write some things on a piece of paper. I was far too tired to question it initially.

Realizing Mordecai has been rubbing off on me as I gave a serious pep talk, and all the RP around that.

“Game’s off; Connick’s wearing PJs”

The post game tooth debacle.

I know I'm forgetting some. I had a great time with everyone this weekend. I can't wait till June!
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Merry » Tue May 08, 2018 12:59 pm

Darius rite being my favorite in all of my memories of participation in rites. Leadrin absolutely slayed it.
Also her explaination of why she was stepping up to just do it.
(Paraphrase) "I've been told for seven years it's not the time. I've been told to wait and see, I've been told there are more important gods. You know what? There aren't. There are seven seats open and the race is on. I am seating my God."
Yea you frunking are.

Followed by some fun sing along that really made me remember why I love doing this.
-solapse running up to me when I had to take an extended pause during the intonation part of the ritual song, urgent whispering "call affinity, call affinity!"
Credit to solapse for the perfect joke.

Also related, solapse and I intoning a ritual straight through game off call. We both pause...uhhh. frunk it let's do this,
Both of us: "Affinity" we continue casting while the game starts to debrief.

Realizing Astinus and Merry are perfect counterparts
Especially this one:

Merry: "what if Peruna adopted a child from Leadrins Orpanarium?"

Ash: "oh definitely, he could go live in the keep or wherever with Roland."

Merry: "Right! They could grow up together...

Ash: "And she could name the adopted child Roland...

Merry:"uh, ok Yea why not they could be like twins and be best friends and wouldn't have to grow up so lonely."

Ash:"Then if the Queen's enemies ever came for her son, his body guard could hide him and theres a decoy that doesn't have her bloodline for potential dark rituals."

Merry: "well... That's a thought."

Locke Tannen bringing me to hot tears describing his methods for taking in all of the negativity and emotions, experiencing them and moving on with that lesson without becoming overwhelmed by them.

Jeff Devine offering to give me the blessings of Kammat... That's ok I already sort of have his Blessing. No no, he says, come closer so I can give you MY blessing.
Lance:"well since we all appear to be blessed why don't we all go spread his Blessing in the tavern together?"
Jeff:"great idea!"
Lance:"excellent, you first my good zombie."
Jeff:"no no I insist, you gentlemen first."
Merry": control undead. You first."
Jeff:"great idea!"
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Lyndi Thorn » Wed May 09, 2018 12:36 pm

Sol bravely adrenaline surging out of bed to come to my aid while I was bleeding out, him sadly being taken down. Then the terrifying sounds of him being eaten *slurp chomp om nom nom* i deliver you to death one *slurp slurp* i deliver you to death 2 *chomp chomp lip smacking* I deliver you to death 3... then trying not to snicker as i hear in the silliest and creepiest voice "good morning Tony"

Hearing all the wonderful and beautiful singing during the Darius rite.

The fun and joyful singing after the rite. "Affinity!"

Leadrin- "yea but have you ever had 2 guys come and say they want to paint you then have the one guy proceed to kneel down and become the easel for the other?"

The love and happiness I was feeling during the Choosing Ceremony and being really happy it was pitch black so no one could see my mushy faces I was making

throughout the day repeatedly Alora "That face!!!!! That's the No face!!!!" and Arc "you look sooooo disappointed in me right now" to which i just keep replying THAT JUST MY FACE!

Erykhan- "I barded too hard last night"

The extremely emotional training with Ghoulion

Fighting in the front lines more

Alora's pure joy over her sacred chicken "Bok!"

Listening to Locke argue/discuss with the people looking for a rebellion; then realizing as they are talking about not wearing pants.... Lance has no pants on...... "No pants Lance!"

Sunday watching and cheering on Lance chasing and attempting to kill a time guy with a cheese knife and then actually losing his pants in the fight.

late night kitchen hugs
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Zen » Wed May 09, 2018 8:35 pm

I've forgotten too much im sure but,

"Get to the fountain!" *Motions to Mordecai*
*related: Mordecai: "One Healing, One Healing, One Healing, One Healing, One Healing, One Healnggg, One-ealng, One-ng"

"Face of The Leadrin" I swear I saw the brow on that Grey mask raise.

Frantic Spirit Bouncing

Mage gifts from Ma~*

Using a spell way above my pay-grade during the Timey Wimey fight


Pulling the classic all-nighter and going on my first comp walk since I started at Terres. Never realized how thrilling finding plastic frogs in a stream was until it happened

"Thinks you"

The Darius rite was so so good, kudos to Andrea for making that happen

Did a lot of sleeping in the shrine that was semi-planned but mostly due to the former all-nighter. Both necessary and immersive, check

All the stories and love and laughter in the kitchen

Per usual I'm sure I've missed some action items here but I had a great time, I love you all.
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Re: Favorite Moments, May 2018, Event 1

Postby Lyndi Thorn » Mon May 14, 2018 7:21 pm

Just thought of this one

Sunday morning fight:

Vice *animates Eric Black* go kill those like you.

Eric- *kills self*

Vice- LIKE you, not YOU!
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