Bank of Derrickham ONLINE

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Bank of Derrickham ONLINE

Postby Kit » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:44 pm

The Bank of Derrickham is pleased to announce NEW Online Banking!
( !! My Immersion!)
(~record scratch sound)
What does this mean? Basically that Connick will now keep a digital, rather than only a paper ledger, as part of his duties as Finance Minister.
He also has the power to manage banking transactions online, so if you want to withdraw, deposit, or transfer Drake into another character's account between games, contact your Minister of Finance and he shall take care of it forthwith-ish.
All individuals with bank accounts can now view your own current account balance online, via a link on your MyCrossroads character page. Going forward from this point, your view will also include your transaction history.

Apologies: Group/Guild bank accounts are not yet accessible from MyCrossroads. We are working to ensure the full functionality of shared accounts; stay tuned!
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