Important Game Guidelines!

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Important Game Guidelines!

Postby Director Eric » Wed Sep 19, 2007 11:11 am

We all love Terres Rising and Staff and Players alike strive to have an in-game environment which is as authentic as possible.

So, this is a helpful reminder (and a polite warning) to put everyone on notice for the following items. Repeated violations of these guidelines will be met with in-game punishment!

1. Stay in period costuming. This means, no Nikes, denim pants, khaki shorts, or shirts with logos on them. Finding cheap black athletic shoes and t-shirts is easy.

2. Makeup is important. Yes, it's difficult when it rains or you're sweaty, but characters get bonuses for wearing makeup, so any race that requires it must make sure that the makeup isn't ignored. Makeup (or colored tights, etc.) is required on "all exposed skin" and Krosan tendrils must be visible somewhere on your body at all times. If you look like a human you will only have the skills and abilities of a human.

3. No out of period receptacles. It's important to stay hydrated, and to get those sugar rushes. But keep all the Gatorade bottles, Mountain Dew cans, or Snickers wrappers, in your cabins. Or, better yet, get a period container, and transfer it!

4. Stay in game. We know it's very hard to stay in-game for an entire weekend. But, going out of game is disruptive to everyone around you. If you must, quietly, and discreetly, remove yourself from the situation, or go back to your cabin, and have a quiet conversation. And under no circumstances should you, in the middle of your conversation, stick your hand on your head to make an out of game statement.

5. Stay away from Staff-only areas. The back of the tavern, the road leading to monster camp, and the monster camp buildings, are off limits. Whether you are in-game, or out of game, do not go to staff only areas, unless there is an emergency of some sort or you are instructed to do so by staff.

Paying attention to these little guidelines will help make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved!

We appreciate your efforts!
Thank you!
The Staff of Terres Rising
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Postby Tim-Director » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:44 pm

I am bumping this post, especially for the new players, but as a reminder to old players, especially with respect to #5 above...
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