Favorite moments T2 Finale

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Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Director Kyle » Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:55 pm

Thank you all for an amazing event ❤️ I've been part of the Terres community for ten years of events now (though not 10 full real years quite yet) and this has been such a journey. I'm having some feelings about the end of T2, but I'm so amped for our future. You're all rock stars, and I loved every moment of rp with you all. Here are some of my highlights, please share yours too!

Seeing my mods go successfully was such a satisfying feeling. I'm really looking forward to staffing and making people have fun.

Kierdyn: "CROSSROADS!"
Sythik: *running up* I knew it was you!

"Maybe in Death's Realm someday, but I can't see then."

Getting so many goodbyes, then phasing out while hugging Agrue.

My boys kicking ass at rituals and all the grinning behind the grey mask.

Everyone sharing their passions and loves at the Darius Rite.

Realizing what a beast Drimm is with one sword.

Playing my undead dragon kin character at "Dragon Court".

The entire Merry ending, but especially "Take my heart and don't you turn back, I don't want it anymore." And Scott immediately knowing which memory of singing the Dungeon Song I was going for.

Secret Practice Time singing and preparing for that ending.

Watching Agrue and Mandorellan destroy all of the props and have a blast doing it.

"Only the strong enough may enter"

"Spirit is Heart!"

Being convinced by Leets on Sunday to fight on the player side one more time this event.

"And Kittibaru's hair for it's properties of magic and power."

Unnamed Staffer: "I didn't have to suggest the idea, the players came up with it on their own!"

"Solapse Zen and Doran are setting up a ward around the Death box."
All of staff: "Saaaaaaack" (Saaaaack is a word mash of Siiick and Yaaaas that I'm making a thing.)

Everyone who told me they had a great time after event. Signing shirts and the book and just generally sharing Terres love with everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Tim-Director » Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:13 pm

My turn!

"You are not the Swordmaster!.... yet.” – The Emissary of the Swordmaster to Drimm

“I raised these nightmares specifically for you all! Do you like them?” – Macone, revealing nightmare Mordecai, Kierdyn, and Golion.

“When I come back, I'm going to have to fight you. And I don't want to." – Casper
"Do you think we're not going to tell the rest of the town?" - Merry
"I know you're going to.” – Casper to Merry
“Just... don't. be. here." – Casper to Solapse

“I will be attempting a seating of Zorn at the Temple of Gonju. Do not construe this as an invitation to attend.” – Deacon Kinlinn to Leadrin

“It’s clear you’re not going to win this.” -Solapse
“I know.” - Casper

“I feel my body weakened by the years
As people turn to gods of cruel design
Is it that they fear the pain of death?
Or could it be they fear the joy of life?” – Merry, Randall, and everyone else singing “The Eternal Song”

“You are our hero, Merry. You are.” - Randall
“We are Crossroads, we are standing!” – Randall, Leadrin, Zen, Erykahn, Solapse, Kierdyn

“Dominate Level 3. Go tickle the Queen.” – Cyrus to Lil-Bitty-Kitti
(From 30 feet away)
“Why is this Glibben touching me??!!!!!” – Peruna

“We could have ruled the world together.” - Macone
“I never wanted to rule the world. I just wanted to save it”. Drimm

“The thing I am most passionate about is money…. And can’t forget that glittery spot on the side of a Mystic woman’s neck.” – Randall
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Andrea » Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:09 pm

Tim-Director wrote:“Dominate Level 3. Go tickle the Queen.” – Cyrus to Lil-Bitty-Kitti
(From 30 feet away)
“Why is this Glibben touching me??!!!!!” – Peruna

When I was asked if I accepted physical role-play, my first thought was that I was about to take a really humiliating death from a Glibben in the last ever event of T2.

Thankfully for Peruna (who should be able to Willpower a tickle anyway), I'm not actually ticklish.

Maybe I'll get around to my favorite moments list. There were a lot. It was a good ending. You folks are awesome, and I'm incredibly glad I put in the effort (and time and money) that I have over the years to stick it out to the end. In some ways I think Peruna is more real than Andrea (me, not the other one, despite the constant confusion).

...and on that note, pointing out to Mara on Friday night that being a Mystic wearing a blue dress and a crown was probably not a good choice for her long-term survival would definitely make my list of favorites.
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Leadrin Winters » Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:15 pm

Walking through enemies to make sure Merry wasn't about to have an untimely perm. Boy did I feel not having that ability for the rest of the weekend, but some things are worth it.

Observing the swordmaster fight, followed by the sequal to the swordmaster fight: the Way More Out Of Game Scary Swordmaster Fight We Didn't Know Was Coming.

Offering an old Dagon song to celebrate.

Getting to play a mod I created (kind of). Also, Merry's swimming song.

Some heartfelt graveyard RP that unexpectedly dovetailed into some heartfelt shrineroom RP that was related and not related at the same time.

Trying to help get the players past some water elementals the friendly way (even though my murder-hobo friends mostly killed them anyway).

Big dumb musical sendoffs.

Wrecking some fire elemental face.

"So it turns out Spirit was actually Heart all along. I know what I saw in there, that's canon."

Getting to hear everyone's passions. Double points for Sythik's heartfelt confessions of friendship, and all the unlikely folks that joined in for the first (and last) time.

"I didn't like that at all. I wanna do it again. Again again. Again again again!"

"Surprise Staffing"

Me: Group chat?
Sythik: Poop check?
Me: What? No.
(And that was my last in-game, non-goodbye memory of Crossroads. Figures).

Goodbye phase 1: the sad cryening.

Goodbye phase 2: the happy cryening.

(In all seriousness, what better way to end that story than to make everyone smile and cry at the same time. It really was a bittersweet but happy ending).

"It's only for a little while."
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Merry » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:03 pm

Follow up to Leadrin re:underwater healing song
(Tune of you are my Sunshine)
"I am a sea squirt, a little sea squirt,
I have adventures around the sea
And if you want to be a sea squirt,
Just come along and play with me"
Leadrin- Merry....WHAT?
Merry- Sea squirts never leave each other behind.

Followed by telling Leadrin I'm out of healing and can't take another ambient 1 acid
Leadrin- ok...my turn *proceeds to sing a beautiful and appropriate tune.

.... And shortly thereafter seeing Jeff evil-grinning in a black octopus costume and accepting I was going to perm at 20,000 leagues

All of the Coriolis mod and Leets slaying a Dragon by throwing the book at him. I'd say he passed the bar, Tim, Andrea?

Solapse being one more comment or delivery attempt from taking Casper's place in that battle. And him dropping the truth bomb on everyone about Casper after having to deliver his friend.

Walking up to Knight Morvos as Grand Captain of the Pure Water Guard just as Agrue finished knighting him in Derrickham.

Lance demonstrating repeatedly how you actually phase out, by simply not being there when you next turn your head.

Zen and Solapse living a few hours with their mirrored selves flitting in and out if reality.
"You begin to feel a falling sensation, your trip is now peaking"
Solapse's face through realization after incredulous realization.

Alloura writing a crossroads song <3

Arcturious "Second Star" priest of Arradia
"Eranon is in the house of silver... There is a new Star in the house of Silver..."

My friends singing me to endless sleep....I don't have the words to describe my emotions. But the one that broke me like a record
"My love, you know you're my best friend. You know that I'd do anything for you."

And every time Kyle opened her mouth on that mod to bite my heart out.

Definitely more.
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Erykahn » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:57 pm

My Favorite T2 finale moments:

Everyone's expression when they first saw Erykahn. Loved that it was right as everyone was waking up.

My favorite reaction was Merry. Just woke up. Walking to the bathroom. Sees Erykahn. Freezes, with a look if disbelief. Turns around and walks back into his cabin. He came out to find that. Yes. Erykahn was back.

Fighting Bach and Kyle as a player. Usually, I'm the NPC getting murdered. It was nice to reverse the roles.

Singing For the Gods with Merry and everyone else that sang with us.

Dragon Court.

Overkill murder team: the poop goblin massecure...and Mitch's(Yee's NPC) reaction to how fast we slaughtered poop goblins.

The NPC theater mod and singing to Merry for his send off... feels, feels and more feels. It was so beautiful. Goodbye Brother!

Erykahn to a kneeling, defeated Casper Carrington:
"Do you see what happens?"

Knife fight with Jeff S

Using the lightning bow and killing air elementals. "Lightning Death!!"

The Darius Rite was absolutely amazing. Everyone speaking about their passions. And, as you thought it was over. People started speaking more and joining in and speaking. Some of which was a pleasant surprise.

Coming down from Hightown to the tavern. Then, hearing," is that your wife?" Looking over and seeing Zoey. My heart lite up. Especially after the whole Merry send off feels brigade that my heart felt. There couldn't have been a better person to embrace Erykahn.

Zoey telling Erykahn. Strategically after she got to be in a fight with undead. That she was pregnant. Erykahn, was overwhelmed with joy, happiness and love. Knelt to his knees and embrace the soul of his unborn child within Zoey's womb,"I love you so much".

Then, Macone returned from death without Drimm. Zoey take off after him. Erykahn, just after being told by Zoey that she is carrying his child. Takes off after her. Macone got away. Erykahn wasn't the happiest.

Leadrin telling a group of us about her choice to go home. The moment she said," Home, is where my heart is." Feels, feels, feels,....

Walking over to the graveyard to find Jayden and Leadrin. Embracing each other was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen at Terres.(just when you thought you couldn't anymore) there's a batch of hands over face, snotting, yraring, sniffling crying.
Leadrin: "Why are you crying"
Me: throws my arms around both of them

Being able to say goodbye to Jayden was such an amazing moment for Erykahn. Jayden helped Erykahn out. Kept him alive many time, early one.

The many voices delivering Fiddy to Death.
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Solapse » Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:33 am

The capstone for Vox Arcana and using all of the knowledge we had gained the past 2 years to attempt a massive 3 rituals and create glittering shrouds.
Kyle: "I've never seen someone go for so long without one mistake in a ritual."
Also, finding out we were accidentally doing sevra instead of jasul and leading to a unintended but interesting effect.
I am so proud of what Merry, Zen, and I accomplished as Vox Arcana. We started with nothing but a dream and through years of hard work became a ritual powerhouse. <3 my fellow Arcanists and those who believed in us enough to help us out a bit along the way.

Completely ignoring magic & mages for a few fights.

Fighting against Macone in the dream realm
Nightmare Mordicai: "Magic Death"
Zen: "Reflect"
Nightmare Mordicai: "Reflect"
Zen: "Reflect"
Nightmare Mordicai: "Magic Shield. Neat trick."

Having an actual dream about the quality "us time" Kierdyn and Solapse would spend together every Saturday morning at rises for years doing component walks and just talking. And then looking up to see nothing but an empty path in the woods, the sound of the wind blowing and leaves rustling almost deafining. Then, "Wake up Solapse, Casper is here!"

The exchange with Casper, and not fully understanding what he is doing and why. Even seeing him in tears marching off. Then when he came back and attacked, the battle was going against Casper & Pindust, in a moment when Solapse had Casper's attention...

Solapse: "It's clear you aren't going to win this Casper!"
Casper: "I know."
Then Solapse understood.

Casper's ending. I think it went perfectly. Tragic meloncholy was the only way for Casper's story to end, considering everything. It didn't ever matter to Solapse that nobody else understood why he stuck by Casper for so long, but I think in that moment some people finally got it. My head was spinning right after and all I could do was scream. Sometimes you can do everything right and still fail. Sometimes the only way to end suffering is through death, and the best you can do as a friend is to hold their hand as they step into the abyss.

Practicing my lines for Merry's finale in the woods for an hour.
Deciding that I would just get over my singing anxiety and go for it.
Realizing it was all worth it to see Merry's reaction at his sendoff.

Merry's whole ending in general was amazing. I was left with a gaping hole and constant sadness, only able to sort of wander around in the dark by myself for hours after.

Argue being the only person I felt comfortable enough to sit with, in the dark, while carrying this sadness. And then teaching Agrue how to be stealthy and sneak up on some of Macone's minions shortly after.

Finally feeling compelled to say something at a Darius rite. Let no one say Solapse has not learned passion at Crossroads.

"Are you too a seeker?"

*Show us what lies beyond The Veil*

Plane seeking so hard that Zen & Solapse became untethered to the waking material world. Being Troll-apse during that Flanstrom fight and getting my ass beat within 1BP of my larplife by a Jeff Shepard npc a few times because I had to RP seeing double/triple, swirling colors, my vision flipping between third & first person, and occassionally feeling like I was falling.

Hearing personalized LoV "Death to living" calls, I chugged one of the highly underrated, Imitation Death Extracts, that Taiah made. The confused look on the face of Chuck when I replied, "NOT LIVING" to "Solapse, death to living" was priceless.

Everything about Solapse's ending. Having years of consistant effort accidentially pay off and being able to create a ritual, on the spot, to define Solapse's destiny was unexpected and way cooler and more amazing than anything I thought possible.


One foot in dreams, one in fortune, one hand in the waking world, one in the ethereal,
The Dreamstalker Oracle arises.

Walking back as an Oracle with Merry & Ardread, expecting them to poof away as figments of my mind at any moment (I told Merry/Scott about my dream on Saturday and thought he was gonna use it against me). Being both angry and overjoyed when it wasn't.

Zolapse, Droplase, Alapse, and Lalapse. Most of all, being able to leave pieces of Solapse within the world.

Taking Zen on a ride into the stars.

Watching Zen spend all night and into the day theorying, collecting the resources for, and then performing a rit to create an item that would insta-perm Fiddy. I was so proud that I could watch and happy that I could help, whispering the incants and having them reverberate through the waking and dream world, culminating in DREAM TURBO RITUAL MODE.

Taking Arc on a ride beyond the Veil.

One last secret mission to flank Fiddy with Lance.

Zen: "BY MY RITUAL MASTERY, frunk YOU FIDDY." (I'm slightly paraphrasing this)

Dream phasing in and out to surprise hug people.

Passing on Casper's tabard to Morvos, the new captain of the waterguard.

"I phase to dreams one."
"I phase to dreams two."
"I phase to dreams three."
"I'll see you in the stars."
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Andrea » Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:32 pm

“So it turns out bullying is the key to solving this problem.”
“It figures that fat shaming would be the way to save Ashriya.”

“We only have 11 pieces”
Spending 10 minutes trying to figure out why we didn’t have 12 pieces only to have Sythik realize it was stuck under his fur the whole time.

Battle in the tavern with Pindust on Friday night that made me lose my voice.

Leadrin: “So you’re just going to point out all of my inadequacies?” (regarding the lack of Tranquil Mind)
Later: “Well, you don’t really write music, you just sing it.”

Merry’s song about Derrick and Kenton.

“You didn’t make a single dick joke yesterday.”

Cousin time in the guild.

Napping in the chair in the Mage’s guild one last time while the people with 3D spatial reasoning skills assembled the artifact.

Getting the artifact of Shinoor tied in a ribbon to hold it together because I can’t be trusted with nice things.

The Holy Army of Craigor agreeing to act as a peacekeeping force.

Appointing Lance as the new Lady of the Outpost.

Resolution of the philosophical conflict with Makat.

The Unified Kingdom of Derrickham, New Cambala, and Errid.

Realizing that Kenton being the Nexus is probably the only way I’m going to be able to manage the geographically disparate Kingdom.

Leets processing how much more money he’s going to have to manage.

All of the reminiscing and nostalgia.

Everyone working together.

More redemption stories than I can count.
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Merry » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:30 am

"Crushing Stun, Fatal!"
"Crushing Stun, Fatal!"

Sir Agrue of Derrickham
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Re: Favorite moments T2 Finale

Postby Zen » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:55 am

Solapse wrote:Fighting against Macone in the dream realm
Nightmare Mordicai: "Magic Death"
Zen: "Reflect"
Nightmare Mordicai: "Reflect"
Zen: "Reflect"
Nightmare Mordicai: "Magic Shield. Neat trick."

I like to think Nightmarecai was impressed.

Trying to stay present during the Coriolis encounter while also trying to keep tabs on Peruna's ritual, ambient Fire damage, and a swarming Bee's nest outside the entrance. What a dance.

Sythik: "Zen! It time for Test of Mages"
Zen: *unsure what that means* "Uhhh.."
Sythik: "Peruna! Your cousins an idiot"

The super secret band practice between a group of players (& staff) committed to their friends well-deserved finale <3

Having Doran and Taiah locked in the Guild (with their permission) in order to get that damn puzzle done, culminating in the puzzle almost being done until a piece was LOST somewhere in the Guild. So much stress, and so much relief when I pulled that bastard piece from the corner of a bag.

Leadrin: *lounging on Zen's bed* "God your Pillow is so soft"
Drimm: *hours later, lounging on Zen's bed* "Man, Leadrin wasn't kidding"

"What's up, Guildmaster"

Getting to have a final big time ritual with my fellow Arcanists before their journeys pulled them elsewhere, till we meet somewhere in the middle <3

"You're in SO MUCH trouble"

Being absolutely whacked for hours after an interesting peek into something beyond

Then being whisked into the stars by Solapse just because I noted their beauty. aka Zen's "Whole New World" moment

"We..you could make a ritual for it"

The Ritual flavor Sunday morning

The many hands and hearts connected to the blades at the other end of that group Fiddy Delivery

“By my Mastery of Ritual I corrode the bond between Body and Spirit”

*Fiddy's Scalp falls to the ground*
Peruna: "Zen"
Zen: *already reaching towards it* "Got it"

The bittersweet goodbyes before game-off that felt like "see you laters." What a fantastic ride this has been. I'll post more when they come to me
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