Financial Announcement AR69

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Financial Announcement AR69

Postby connick » Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:56 pm

Greetings citizens of Derrickham,

A new year is upon us and with it comes new challenges and opportunities. Despite the many obstacles we've faced, I am happy to report that our national financial growth persists. Here's hoping that AR 69 proves to be even more productive.

To kick off the new year, I'm pleased to announce a number of state-sponsored initiatives. Below, you will find the initial details of each project and, as time goes by, further information will be released.

Public Works Subsidy Program

During the year of AR69, a subsidy program will be available to those who are making efforts to improve our nation. If you have a project which stands to benefit Derrickham and its citizens, and that project has a cost of at least 500 drake, you may apply for a subsidy of 100 drake toward those costs. Since this is a pilot program, a total of only five applicants will be selected to receive these subsidies.

Please submit an application to me, Evreser Leets, describing the nature of the project and the anticipated costs. If a project has a minimum cost of 500 drake, and if it is determined to be in the interest of our nation, a 100 drake subsidy will be awarded to the first five applicants.

If this program is successful, it may be continued and expanded next year. As always, I encourage you to engage me regarding the finances of any such project, regardless of whether you apply for or receive a subsidy. It is my duty to aid worthwhile entrepreneurship wherever possible.

Support Skills Initiative

During the year of AR69, funds will be appropriated for training in essential support skills such as healing, mending and armor repair. Since this is a pilot program, these funds will be extended to the first ten applicants who commit to training in a support skill and to using it for the betterment of their brethren. Please submit an application to me indicating the skill in which you plan to train and the name of the individual with whom you intend to train. Approved applicants will receive 25 drake as an incentive. The trainer will also receive 25 drake for their service to the community. If you wish to learn a support skill and cannot find a willing trainer, please contact me and I will work to connect you with a skilled tutor.

If this program is successful, it may be continued and expanded next year. As always, I encourage you to engage me regarding training in any field, regardless of whether you apply for or receive a subsidy. It is my duty to pair needful individuals with those who have the skills and resources to satisfy those needs.

Gaming Commissioner Appointment and Lottery

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Inumate as the State Gaming Commissioner, responsible for planning, oversight and execution of state-run gaming activities, including a lottery drawing which will take place every Rise henceforth.

Inumate will be provided with funds and the authority to apply them toward gaming activities which generate revenue for the Kingdom. This includes state-sponsorship of the annual Festival of Fortune as well as the aforementioned lottery.

Additional details of these gaming programs will be announced in the near future. I hope that you will all find enjoyment and good fortune by participating in these programs, knowing that all proceeds will go toward improving our great nation.

The Grand Pest Elimination Competition

As you all know, it has been many, many moons since the roads of Ashriya have been safe to travel. All across the known world, travelers have been beset by beasts of natural and unnatural origin. These hazards prevent safe travel and have brought great harm to those who wish to safely move between nations for trade, diplomacy, adventure and pleasure.

It is my pleasure to announce a massive competition with equally massive rewards, all aimed at eliminating the pests and predators that swarm our roadways. Derrickham is the founder of this initiative and we have reached out to our allies worldwide for international cooperation and participation. It is my hope that other nations will join us in this grand competition in order to effect the most thorough results and the largest possible rewards.

The full details of this competition will be announced immediately prior to the first Rise of Terres of AR69 but some information can be made available today. The competition will consist of a bounty redemption program where proof of the elimination of various creatures may be redeemed towards points in the competition. At the end of the year, the person who has accumulated the most points will earn an honorary title, international glory and a substantial cash prize. At present, the victor is assured no less than 1,000 drake, with second and third place prizes of 500 drake and 250 drake respectively. I am optimistic that this pot can be increased in size by the participation of benefactors at home and abroad.

Get excited! It could soon be you walking along peaceful, open roads, renowned as an international hero with a bank account balance to match your reputation!

Thank you all for reading these announcements and thank you all for the great contributions you make to our community! I hope these programs are successful and that you all benefit from them in the coming year.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any financial matters (including gainful employment) you may need advice or assistance with.

Super Manus Pugno!

Evreser Leets
Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Derrickham
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Re: Financial Announcement AR69

Postby ellmann » Tue May 28, 2019 3:12 pm

---A note in terrible handwriting and scrawled on heavily creased paper is tacked below Minister Leets' posting--

A bounty on natural pests of the roadways? Our profession is already illegal, punishable under the laws of this country. Are you attempting to arm the rabble against us, Minister? You have a guard for that already. Our job already is dangerous enough without you inciting the fine folk of Derrickham to violence. This won't stand. Lift the bounty from our heads, or suffer the consequences.

The Grandest Pest
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Re: Financial Announcement AR69

Postby Merry » Wed May 29, 2019 1:58 pm

Grandest Pest, Sir:

I can not speak for him but I do believe the "pests" the Minister is referring to are more in the way of the threatening, non communicative beasts of the area. Karo-Ya, Kriddick, Magic Monkeys of Dangerous Repute, etc.

The word pests seems to be but a coincidence as I gather this is a name you use to refer to yourself and your followers? If your band is law abiding as you say, I'm sure no harm will come to you on the roads.

Might I suggest your band enter into this competition yourselves? For the betterment of Derrickham and Ashriya!

- A concerned citizen
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Re: Financial Announcement AR69

Postby connick » Thu May 30, 2019 1:06 pm

Dear Mr. or Ms. Pest,

I am not exactly sure what profession you are alluding to, however, the fact that you were able to pen your response makes me quite certain that this contest will not have any negative effect on you or your livelihood.

Should any of the monsters eligible for redemption miraculously develop a communicable sense of morality, I will immediately move to exclude them from the contest.

For my edification, what is it that you do exactly?

Evreser Leets
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