Artisan Revamp!

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Artisan Revamp!

Postby Tim-Director » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:21 am

In our ever continuing effort to improve balance, we have revised and revamped the Artisan, Weaponsmith, and Armorsmith rules!

Please reference page 48 of the Rulebook: ... sp=sharing

The text is as follows:

"Artisan is the Profession involving the skills of making and augmenting weapons and armor, as well as creating various other items, devices, and equipment.

The Artisan Profession costs 5 SP and can be purchased 3 times. Each purchase represents an increase in a character’s rank in the profession and a corresponding increase in his or her knowledge. A character with one purchase of Artisan is an Apprentice Artisan. The second purchase increases the character’s rank to Journeyman, and the third purchase increases their rank to Master. All ranks beyond the first must be learned IG through role-play with a trainer during Timeblocks or at events. Each increase in rank increases the number and variety of items and augments that can be created.

There is no component cost for crafting mundane items, such as normal swords, normal melee weapons, and normal armor. An Artisan can simply make these items from the resources (mundane wood, metals, and leather, etc) that they have on hand. However, creating items or augmenting them with in-game effects requires exceptional skill, and specific components. Which components are needed to create a particular effect must be learned in-game.

Artisan is a Timeblocks intensive skill. This means that creation of items using Artisan will occur primarily between events, and you should be prepared to submit timeblocks regularly in order to get the most out of your purchases of the Artisan skill.

When an Artisan is making an item from scratch, the player should obtain a new phys rep for the item which they are creating. The phys rep should have a brightly colored (blue, green, red, or yellow), 1/2” or more band wrapped around the boffer, contrasting it from the rest of the color of the phys rep, affixed near the tip of the item.

If Modifying or Augmenting an existing phys rep, the same colored band should be temporarily applied to the phys rep.

In-game, Artisans can Repair Armor and Repair Shields.

Full Armor Repair requires that the Armor be removed entirely (a single piece may be removed to represent the whole, but a character who has removed a single piece of armor for this purpose gains no benefit from their remaining phys reps until the missing piece is returned). Repair requires phys rep of tools and role-playing the repair. One point of armor is repaired per minute of role-play. No components are required.

Repair Shield allows an Armorsmith to repair a shield that has been Shattered after three minutes of role-play. Repair Shield requires phys reps of tools and role-playing the repair. No components are required.

When your character chooses this Profession you will be provided with a link with detailed information specific to the Profession. "

Those who are affected by the Rules change were all consulted and have been fully engaged with the changes, as well as given an opportunity to re-jigger skill purchases. We are optimistic that this will create a rich and rewarding Artisan and Crafting experience.

Please do note, that we will be enforcing the Phys Rep colored band rule, and encourage people to read the new description.
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