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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:48 pm
by Locke Tannen
If you have the skill can you hand out the light of whatever origin to others?

I ask this because creating light from the mechanical side is very resource intensive and suggests a flavor was intended where light was supposed to be a valuable asset worth spending time and resources on.

As things stand anyone can make light for 1 sp. Some players make infinite lights and hand them around till they run out of physreps (which is very helpful). All that's fine, but then what justifies the resource intensiveness of mechanical light creation?

Basic Battery costs one quartz and one copper. They can be charged with three resets worth of light in TB (which with recent rules changes now represents half as much time) or one reset of light if spent charging one full reset at event. THAT IS IF OF COURSE...

you have have a charger. which is another copper and quartz. Both the charger and the battery descriptions say they occasionally break, but I haven't had this happen in the short time I've been using them.

You have the charger. You have the battery. NOW if you have a mechanics torch, which is another 1 quartz, you can do the same thing for one person for a limited time and risk breaking multiple things that others can do permanently as many times as they like for no resources at all.

Now I IMAGINE that there is a more generous AMOUNT of light that we are allowed to cast with the torch for the investment, but that's just an assumption. clarification on this sort of thing would be very helpful.

Now one could make the argument that it is easier in the world of terres to cast light with magic than it is to create it mechanically.

this is a good point in theory, but when it comes to game balance I don't really think it's a fair thing to say to crafting players who spend a lot of resources and timeblocks investment to do this stuff to be told "the game is supposed to be harder for you and less rewarding because of the setting"

I like the design/thematic decision that light in brighter/higher quantities is something that is worth resources to obtain. I like the idea that someone would have to prepare for a adventure into the woods with torches or several skilled "light" users up front. I like the idea that light is something you should be thinking about when you are in the dark.

But I also know that light is something the game often needs to provide for safety reasons.

I guess I just want to know what the heck the rules are for this flashlight i just built. Do my batteries last half as long now? how much light is too much light for the physrep?

Re: Light

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:59 am
by Tim-Director
I invite you to review the Rulebook. For your reference, the rulebook link is here:

Page 25 of the Rulebook has the clarification you are looking for. The Light skill states:

Cost: 1 SP
The character can generate a Light. Light can be generated via various methods. The character might know enough about the local flora to be able to produce a light source from a “Glowroot.” Or it is a simple form of magic, usable because the world is magical that even those without magical spells can create Light. Or the character can psionically manipulate energy to create a light source.

The light may be represented by a non-white chemical light stick or a battery-powered LED glow stick (up to 6”). This light may be held, put in place, or given to another person. This skill may be used an unlimited number of times and uses no ability points. [Bold Emphasis Added]

That is very different than the Out of Rulebook design for a Mechanical Torch (a/k/a Flashlight).