Production Release Notes

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Production Release Notes

Postby Pat W » Wed May 03, 2017 8:34 pm

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share the email that went out to all of our production characters last Thursday. This contains information which is pretty relevant to everyone, and we probably should have shared it sooner with everyone.
The below is unaltered from the original message. If you'd prefer to read it with all the pretty formatting you can check out the google doc here

Greetings, Professional People of Ashriya,

We're very pleased and proud to introduce to you:
Terres Rising Professions, version 6.2!

For the most part, this rewrite has the same bones as the systems you learned to use at the start of last year; the systems have been moderately revised to be more balanced and consistent within themselves and with each other.

The profession packets have been rewritten to include much more flavor text, including more specific descriptions of the activities involved in each profession.
(If you would prefer to view this communication as a Google Doc click HERE
Things we will need to know from you:

Have you actually been using your profession tracking spreadsheets? It's okay if you're not. We’ve come up with something that’s going to be better for everyone going forward (see below) - but we will need to confer with each of you to ensure that you have the most correct and up-to-date in-game information, and that your character does not lose out on anything they ought to know.

We have processed the Winter timeblocks as a hybrid of the old and new systems. When we sent our first communication about this change we asked you to withhold pieces of your timeblocks. If you did that, please let us know so that we can work with you to ensure you are fairly compensated.
Please respond to this email to start these discussions.

We would like to reassure you that if anything that you have spent SP on has been revoked, you will be refunded the SP. If you feel this round of changes makes a dramatic shift in your character that you have issues with, please reach out to us via and we can discuss options.

Similar to last year, certain features of these new systems are considered to be ‘in beta’ - that is, after this year (or sooner if needed) we will review these rewrites to make sure that they are working as intended, and we will address any issues that have been brought to our attention.

At this stage, we welcome your feedback and constructive criticism. Please, look over the materials offered below and let us know if you have any questions or concerns by emailing

What has changed?

The names of certain professions: Miner is now Geologist; Animal Husbandry is now Zoologist; and Crafting is now Artisan.


We felt that these names better described the respective professions, are grammatically consistent, and fit better within the flavor of our world.

What has changed?
-The definition of a “Profession” and the costs for certain Professions.
-Professions are specialized skill classes that any character can learn. Professions include skills that are predominantly used in Timeblocks and/or are greatly enhanced and enriched by the use of Timeblocks.

-Each purchase of a Profession costs 5 SP and can be purchased a maximum of 3 times. Each purchase increases your rank in that Profession, from Apprentice to Journeyman to Master. Additional purchases beyond Apprentice must be learned IG. When your character chooses a Profession, you will be provided with a packet with detailed information specific to that Profession.

-The system now breaks down as follows:

-Alchemist, Artisan, Herbalist, Zoologist, Merchant* and Geologist are Professions. They deal with the material components found in the World of Ashriya and cost 5 SP per rank. Each rank includes new abilities, most of which are intended primarily for use in Timeblocks.

*Merchant is still under construction. We are aiming to have that update completed before Event 2.

-Alchemists and Artisans’ basic production in Timeblocks is limited only by the components they have available to them. In addition, with each purchase of a Profession, they receive 5 points of “Professional Capacity”, generally referred to as just “Capacity”. Capacity represents actions a character can take in addition to basic production, such as Research or Experimentation. All Professional Capacity points are pooled and can be used toward any profession in Timeblocks.

-Ritualist, Physician, and Astrologist, which do not fit into the same design scheme as the Professions, are now known as Vocations and cost 5 SP (unchanged from previously). There are more Vocations that can be discovered In Game.

- Vocation formulas that involve creating items from components have been altered to mesh with relevant systemic rewrites.

What has changed?
- Apothecary is no longer a Profession but a Vocation, and has been significantly rewritten.
-Its abilities all exist within Alchemy aside from Synthesis. This rewrite has focused on grounding the professional systems in activities that a character could practically undertake within the world of Ashriya. Synthesis, as written, enabled characters to essentially make something from nothing in a way that we feel is inconsistent with the flavor of the system and the game world.
(We have cut similar something-from-nothing abilities across the other Professions as well.)

-An altered version of Synthesis still exists as a higher-level Alchemist’s ability and can be found in the Apothecary vocation.
What has Changed?
-The names, location, and presentation of certain skills and abilities.
- In the attempt to achieve symmetry between the professions, certain things have been reorganized. We hope that the new packets are clear and easy to understand, but if anything seems to have gone missing, or if anything is dreadfully confusing, please let us know at ASAP!
What has changed?
-Component gathering is now a passive Timeblocks ability of each of the three gathering professions (Herbalist, Zoologist, Geologist).
-So long as you submit Timeblocks, you will obtain a certain number of components.

-The components that you receive through passive gathering will be randomly determined unless you specify what you are looking for. (You may not always be able to find what you want, but failure to obtain a specific component will not reduce the total number of components that you receive from this ability.)

What has changed?
-The properties and grades of certain components, and the formulas and levels for certain substances and items.

-We have tried to create alchemy and crafting systems that are flexible and responsive to the things that characters might ask of it, but which also accurately represent the range of the world of Ashriya. Where things have been changed, it has been in service to this goal.

-We have spent a lot of time making sure that the properties assigned to each component, when taken as a whole, provide a comprehensive lexicon that will allow Alchemists and Artisans (as well as Ritualists, for whom nothing has changed in this rewrite) to explore the range of their profession’s capabilities.

-In some cases, where a component’s properties have changed, this has necessitated a change in the makeup of certain formulas and designs.

-We will work with each PC to make sure that the information your character has is accurate and current.

What has changed?
-The phys reps for certain components and ALL potions.

-In some cases, we felt that certain phys reps were too similar to one another.
In the case of the potion phys reps, we learned last year that the chemical reactions between color and scent made it prohibitively difficult to identify different formulas. We have designed a new and purely visual system. As the possible number of combinations within our alchemy system is vast, not *every* potion can have a unique appearance; but the potions colors and appearances will be regular, and will bear some relation to its base materials.

-We will work with each PC to make sure that the information your character has is accurate and current.

What has changed? (Alchemist)
-The naming conventions within Alchemist.
-The basic structure of an alchemical formula has not changed (components in one to four slots with properties assigned to each slot); however, we have changed the names assigned to the slots. Instead of Primary/Adjunct, each slot in a formula now represents an alchemical process. Each process activates a different esoteric property of each component.

-We found the presentation of ingredients as Primary/Adjunct to be confusing. As previously mentioned, we wanted a system with its feet firmly planted in the soil of Ashriya, and for every action to be linked to a process that a character can imagine themselves performing.

What has changed?
-Alchemist is now explicitly based upon activating the esoteric properties of components. Artisans may use components for either their esoteric or practical value. (The exception to this will be components designated mechanical; these are utilized solely for their practical application.)
-Alchemy in Ashriya should be understood as the earliest stirrings of science in a world still firmly rooted in magic.

-Crafting and Alchemy both work with properties of components that are best understood through the lens of magic, as compared to modern-day science.

What has changed? (Geologist)
-Metals are no longer gathered in ore form and processed into refined blocks.
-We have attempted to streamline and simplify the process of component gathering, and at the same time, to anchor every ability within these professions in a game world sensibility. We felt that removing the ore processing step would make the profession easier to manage without sacrificing crucial flavor.
What has changed? (Artisan)
-Crafting a projectile weapon no longer enables someone to make either a crossbow or a gun for the same amount of resources spent.
-Going forward guns are, as they have always been intended to be at Terres Rising, something of a rarity; quirky contraptions, each unique to its owner.
We do not intend to discourage players from developing guns if they so desire; however, their propagation as a commonly used device is not in keeping with the intended character of our game world, and their place within our production system now accurately reflects this.

-However, guns will be considerably more powerful at base than they had been under the previous iteration of the system. The specifics will vary from gun to gun as determined during the crafting process.

- We will work with any affected players to reconcile these changes, to determine what existing guns are capable of, and/or to make needed changes to item phys reps.


You’re probably wondering how you can access the new writeups.

By now, most (if not all) of you should have signed up for an account and created your character on The MyCrossroads WebApp.

You should also have access to your character’s online inventory, which contains all the components you checked out at the end of last season (please alert if you notice any errors).

As you obtain and use components, your inventory will reflect your current totals. As you learn about different components in Timeblocks, your inventory will reflect the knowledge you have gained. You will always be able to access this information, regardless of whether you currently possess any quantity of the component in question. For characters who have gained knowledge but have no current quantity of that component we will work with you to ascertain what your character knows, and get you the updated information.

You are also be able to view your character’s relevant Profession Packets, which will now be permanently available to you online. You can access these from your character page. If you have not yet created your account please do so and let know, so we can set you up with the correct access!

Over the next several weeks we will announce further updates to the MyCrossroads App, including:

The ability to request that components from your inventory be withdrawn and reissued to you in printed tag form prior to an event.

The ability to trade components between different characters’ inventories.

The ability to submit production Timeblocks by way of an online form.

These changes currently represent our best efforts to make these systems more enjoyable and intuitive for you to use. We’re excited to share them with you, and we hope you will explore them and give us your feedback with that in mind.

We apologize for the delayed release of these and the forthcoming production rewrites, and we thank you again for your patience.

Terres Staff (production committee chair)
Pat W
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