Armor Repair Times

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Armor Repair Times

Postby Tim-Director » Wed May 03, 2017 6:20 pm

We have made significant changes to Armor Repair.

Artisan Repair has increased in speed from 5 minutes per point, to 1 minute per point.

Repair Armor
Full Armor Repair requires that the Armor be removed entirely (a single piece may be removed to represent the whole, but a character who has removed a single piece of armor for this purpose gains no benefit from their remaining phys reps until the missing piece is returned). Repair requires phys rep of tools and role-playing the repair.). Repair requires phys rep of tools and role-playing the repair. One point of armor is repaired per one minute of role-play. No components are required.

Additionally, rules for the Armorsmith Vocation can be seen here. ... sp=sharing

The Quick Reference Chart is shown at the bottom of the document.

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