Production Rewrite Spring 2017 FAQ

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Production Rewrite Spring 2017 FAQ

Postby Kit » Mon May 01, 2017 3:13 pm

Recently we released version 6.2 of our Production Professions. Here are some updates and clarifications, based on the questions we've received so far:

- Will I keep all of the information I had from the last year?

Yes! We're in the process of updating everyone's information so that it is correct as of the last update.

- Since research doesn't expend the component anymore, will we be getting back the comps we researched in the last year?

No, sorry, this ruling is not retroactive.

- Is my allotment of Capacity per month or per Timeblocks period?

Per Timeblocks period. We intend to adjust the allotment of Capacity that a character gets over the Summer and Winter TB periods.

- Since research doesn't expend the component anymore, can I research a component and then use it to make something, within the same TB period?

You can double up Research and Basic Production, but not Research and Experimentation - you can only use a component for one Capacity-based task per TB period.

- I can't see the names of certain property columns in my inventory.
-The names of the packet links don't match the names of the professions.

The website is still in progress, and bugs will be worked out as new capabilities are unveiled. Please bear with us, and please continue to let us know if you have questions!
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