Increasing Ranks in Profession Skills

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Increasing Ranks in Profession Skills

Postby Swenson » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:41 pm

As a note of clarification, here is some information about how to learn or increase a rank in a Profession.

Training a rank of a profession requires ten days in timeblocks, which is 2 days per SP per the rulebook. Learning a base rank doesn't require anything beyond explaining the basics of the profession and spending the time. In order to further increase rank there are multiple requirements which include spending time during timeblocks to learn the skill, training ingame during and event and demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the current rank in order to move forward.

In some cases, like Miner, profession ranks can be self-taught through role-play and practice. In terms of demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the current rank, as a general rule you need to be able to produce some type of product that is at your current level and not a starting piece of knowledge. For example, knowing the location of a handful of minerals other than the starting minerals would likely be sufficient to satisfy the knowledge portion of being able to increase rank.
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