Summer 2017 Rules Changes!

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Summer 2017 Rules Changes!

Postby Tim-Director » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:56 pm

The following are rules edits that are effective immediately.

Page 5
Terres Rising is a 24-hour game, and as such, we expect that players are committing to playing their characters for the full length of each event; we plan our encounters based on that premise. However, we know that there are times when engaging with an encounter is only going to be detrimental to your well-being, physically or emotionally, and in these moments, it’s appropriate to signal to the people around you that you need to remove yourself for a short time, for out-of-game reasons. At these times, you can say “Time-Out”; or you can make a “T” with your hands, clearly in front of your face. We ask that players use these “Time-Outs” responsibly, and bear in mind that Terres Rising is an immersive environment that depends on your participation. Irresponsible or inappropriate use of Time-Outs is not acceptable. For more information on Conflict Resolution and Self-Care, please see this link: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2067

Page 12
No Effect, No AP Expenditure
If you use a skill or ability and the response is “No Effect” your use of the skill is not consumed.
This means that if the ability costs AP you do not spend the AP. This also means that if you have a per reset/day/event ability derived from any source, including magic items, that use is not consumed.

However, for consumable items, such as alchemical gasses or non-resettable magic items, the items or charges are consumed. Additionally, if the effect strikes multiple targets, AP is expended unless all of the targets callback “No Effect”. Continuously using Effects on a target that takes No Effect from those Effects, for the purpose of harassing, interfering, or annoying the target is not permitted.

Page 16
Target becomes enraged and attacks nearest targets (friends or foes) using standard physical attacks, if possible.

[There is no longer any unconsciousness or additional penalty or inhibition after a Berserk is cured or ends.]

Page 20
There was a typographical error with regard to SP and AP in the Elves description, which has been updated.
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Re: Summer 2017 Rules Changes!

Postby Tim-Director » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:01 pm

A few more minor clarifications.
Page 16
Added to the Duration of Contact "when a skill which requires Contact to use, is used." [Meaning, you make Contact once, and then use the skill on the target. You do not still have the Contact.]

Page 21
Haroc, added, "There is no duration limit for Statue Form."

Page 22
Ritika, no substantive change, but changed formatting.

Page 23
Ghoul and Lyche, added "staff-approved" for the use of masks.

Page 23
Lyche, spelled out the actual effect of the Desecrate spell.

Page 30
Acrobatics, added "In some instances, a Marshal may clarify where you safely land."

Page 39
Deflection Aura is increased to 3 points, to fit in line with the body points and armor increases.
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