Dr. Dax's Fall and Winter Blood Drives

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Dr. Dax's Fall and Winter Blood Drives

Postby Dax » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:33 pm

A simple flier is posted on the tavern wall.]

[The flier reads:


It is once again that time of year friends and associate during which We, Doctor Daxarien Thornhallow, humbly seek your assistance for the good of our community. Thus we would like to announce that We shall be holding a Blood Drive once again on the first day of the coming month as well as several of the month to come. Our supply of blood is not as great as We would care for it to be and We still lack the blood of several races which leaves us without the option of emergency blood transfusion in dire situations.

Thus We are calling upon all of you to aid us as best you can. The process of donating is quick and relatively painless. We will draw as many vials of blood as you are willing to give though you will find your body weakened until you can fully recover, typically within one month’s time. Any and all donations shall be greatly appreciated and those able and willing to give two or more vials I would be more than happy to serve a drink at my own expense at the tavern the next rise. In particular need is the blood of Dagon, Elves, Humans, Haroc, Mystics, Ritikans, and the intelligent Undead. And while we have a substantial supply of Wylding blood more is always appreciated.

Dr. Daxarien Thornhollow]

[OOG: You can donate up to your max BP-1. It takes one month to recover from donating blood, please specify how many vials you are donating in your timeblock.]
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Re: Dr. Dax's Fall and Winter Blood Drives

Postby Leadrin Winters » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:36 pm

I should note that it is my intention to supply pies on the first Rise of next year exclusively for consumption by those who participated in Doctor Dax's blood drive. Consider it not one, but two long-term personal investments.

(OOG: Dear god Don please remind me I said this before next event).
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