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Announcing the Festival of Fortune (Games & Prizes!)

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2018 8:25 pm
by Inumate
Next rise, Solapse and I will be putting on a festival in Jarro's honor.

We will be putting on a series of contests and games, each of which will allow you to win Festival tokens. The people with the most tokens at the end of the festival will win a percentage of the pot generated by the entry fee.

When: Saturday at four in the afternoon
Cost of entry: 10 drake
Entry fee for judged contests: 2 drake (1 drake if you RSVP before Terres rises)
1st place price: 40% of the pot
2nd place prize: 20% of the pot
3rd place prize: 10% of the pot
Church of Jarro: 30% of the pot

Tokens awarded for contests:
Winner: 3 tokens
Finalists: 2 tokens
Semi-finalists: 1 token

    Opening Rite: To start off the festival, we will be performing a rite honor Jarro and draw their eye to the festival. We welcome all participants to honor their gods, provided they offer their respects to Jarro.
    Contest of Might: The first few rounds will involve bracketed arm wrestling competitions. Once we are down to 4 contestants, you will be called upon to perform feats of strength. A panel of judges will grade your performance on the quality of your showboating and name the champion.
    Contest of Mind and Magic: This will be a bracketed tournament in which contestants will duel with magic and psionics. Each round, a circle will be drawn and the first contestant to leave the circle, fall unconscious, or fall to bleed-out will lose the round. Contestants may not make physical contact or use weapons of any kind. The bouts will be overseen by a judge.
    Contest of Arms: This will be a bracketed tournament in which contestants will duel with melee weapons. Each round, a circle will be drawn and the first contestant to score 10 hits on their opponent will be named the winner. Only 1 hit per second will be counted. Leaving the circle will count as 1 hit on the person that left and the fight will break so contestants can return to their circle. The bouts will be overseen by a judge, who will determine which hits count. Defensive maneuvers and offensive tricks (maim, disarm, etc) will be allowed, but attempts to drop your opponent to bleedout are prohibited.
    Contest of Accuracy: Each round, contestants will be get 3 attempts to hit a small target with a throwing knife, bow and arrow, or similar ranged weapon. They will declare the distance of each attempt after 3 warm-up attempts. Each round the top 50% (determined by the farthest single target hit) will advance. All attempts will be observed by a judge.
    Contest of Knowledge: There will be 4 rounds of trivia, each with their own category and 5 questions. Current and Historical Events, Nobility and Politics, Theology, and Creatures of Ashriya. Each round the bottom 50% of participants will be eliminated. For the final round there will be 3 challenging questions that could be related to any subject. The participant that gets the most questions right in the final round will be named the champion.

Games: We will be running the following games throughout the event. The winner of each round of each game will win 1 token. Rules can be found here:
    Liar's Dice
    7's and 11's - anyone who wins 3 or more rounds in a row will win 1 token for each round after the second that is won

Thieve's Competition: A number of volunteers which will be marked in a manner we will describe at the start of the festival will be carrying pouches with signed tokens. If you successfully steal these tokens you may turn them in, but you can only get credit for 1 token per person you steal it from.

Re: Announcing the Festival of Fortune (Games & Prizes!)

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2018 5:40 pm
by Inumate
Thanks to Mordecai’s help I’ve added a trivia contest.