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Austerity before Prosperity

PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:11 pm
by connick
Dear Citizens of Derrickham,

After having carefully reviewed the financial affairs of the Kingdom I am prepared to make a succinct report as well as an important announcement.

The total income levied in taxes from our loyal citizenry is, with a surprising degree of accuracy, exactly enough to offset the Kingdom's upkeep. I ran the numbers several times and we are within just a few drake of having perfectly equal income and expenses. I credit the late Minister Silverton, our remaining nobility, knights and soldiers, a handful of generous benefactors and - most of all - our patriotic taxpayers for the fact that our budget is balanced despite unprecedented hardships.

In order to move forward with our efforts to rebuild following the Breaking, we will need to find ways to increase revenue and reduce spending. Judicious application of the few liquid assets we possess can serve to create a foundation for future growth. However, we are unlikely to see immediate returns from our investments which is why I am compelled to make the following announcement.

During the remainder of the year AR67 there will be an additional, one-time tax collection in the amount of one drake per citizen. This modest and temporary austerity measure equates to a mere five percent increase in annual taxation but will serve to greatly accelerate our path toward prosperity. Though individually small, the collective effect of these contributions can be enormous.

In contrast to this brief and minor burden which the Kingdom asks you to bear, the task of fiscal conservatism which falls to me will be extensive and sustained. I pledge to aggressively seek every opportunity to reduce our expenditures and increase our holdings until I am removed from or can no longer serve the office of Minister of Finance.

I hope you understand the need for this announcement and that you share my ardor for achieving prosperity for the Kingdom of Derrickham.

Should you have any questions about this or any other financial matters, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Evreser Leets
Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild of Crossroads
Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Derrickham

Re: Austerity before Prosperity

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:27 pm
by Tim-Director
[anonymous letter in poor, unfamiliar penmanship is scrawled and placed here]

Ya know theres a lot of us folks who run and hide when you come and try to get taxes cause we got no drakes and no gems. i wish there was no taxes and i wish there was no drakes. i just want to keep making bread and giving it to the queen's people. i mean shes my queen and i will do whatever she says but i just got no money so we all pretend we have less people than we have so we dont have to give drakes. i think you people in the city think different than us.

Re: Austerity before Prosperity

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:07 pm
by Arradon Annor
Unfortunately, no coin and no taxes is pretty wishful thinking. They are required for a nation and an economy to function and grow. During my summer of collections, however, I thought I was pretty clear when I said it was okay if anyone didn't have any coin. I said our Queen respected contributions like you have been providing. Feeding those that are hungry directly assists your comrades, a great service to your fellows. Honestly, while I am impressed by the concept of a People's Intrigue that managed to escape my notice, we'd rather you not have to hide, and not have to pretend. Next time, just be honest if a collector comes up to you, it'll be okay. We'd rather know how many of you people are broke so we can focus on fixing that, you know?

The point of taxes isn't an expedient way to legally rob you of your coin, I promise, it's a way of ensuring you contribute to the group effort that is our nation. It's a matter of pride, patriotism, and belief in each other. In this year since the Break, we've made great strides people... we have water, we're getting fed, the kingdom is reorganizing and recovering. While a world without coin or debt does seem like a paradise, right now, the bills need to be paid. Whether it's paying the guards cleaning up our roads and keeping us safe, or covering initial investments needed to grow and prosper, or anything in between- each coin contributed directly affects you and your fellow countrymen. I personally am proud to pay my fair share, so that we all collectively get ahead.

I reiterate: if you're helping fellow citizens with your trade or efforts in these days of recovery, and don't have the usual pittance of coin to cover quarterly taxes, you're not going to get in trouble, or even have me personally break into your house to take objects of equal value. Fellow Minister Leets has great ideas to help us all prosper, but it starts with everyone being honest about things. Long live the queen, and long live our land of Derrikham.


(Seal of Derrikham in gold wax)
Arradon Annor
Minister of Internal Revenue

Re: Austerity before Prosperity

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:03 pm
by connick
To the author of the recent anonymous post,

It distresses me greatly to hear of your problems with taxation. I thought this had been made clear before but I will say it again so that there is no confusion; Taxes may be paid in drake or gems as well as in the form of service or goods provided to the Kingdom. Moreover, anyone unable to contribute to the common wealth of Derrickham shall not be persecuted for this inability, so there is no need to hide. The only people in the wrong are those who can afford to pay their faire share but refuse to do so.

To me, there is no real difference between drake and gems and goods and services. One simply represents the other. For you to bake and share your bread with the people of Derrickham is really no different than you handing out drake or offering to till land. When the tax collector returns again, please don't hide. Be proud of your contribution to the Kingdom and know that I am proud of you as well. If I were a betting man I might wager that your bread has done more good than the few drake that we ask of our citizens. As a personal aside, I would love to taste your bread sometime if you wouldn't mind!

If there is anyone out there who claims citizenship within the borders of Derrickham who can adequately sustain themself and their family but refuses to contribute to the wellbeing of all, please heed my gentle admonishment and look to the example of this generous baker. Though they have no coin, they continue to bolster our economy through their charitable deeds.

If any citizens are so impoverished or disabled, such that they cannot meet their tax obligations, I urge them to contact me directly or through your visiting tax collector. Aid for the poor and needy is a critical priority and I cannot direct public assistance to you without knowledge of your plight.

Maybe some city folk think different from country folk but I view us all as being the same. We're all brothers and sisters united under the Crown and we all have needs and we all have value.

In solidarity,

Evreser Leets
Guildmaster of the Merchant Guild of Crossroads
Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Derrickham