Help Wanted!

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Help Wanted!

Postby Taiah Annor » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:30 pm

[A couple of fliers are left out in the tavern.]

poster front
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poster reverse
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[Front of Flier Text:
Crossroads needs you!
*Picture of Taiah with her arms out and a welcoming smile on her face*
On-site training provided
See reverse for details

Back of Flier Text, left column:
The Production Guild in Crossroads is an organization committed to the improvement of Derrickham. We are a collective of crafters, makers, and growers working to increase productivity and innovation.

The Guild is seeking to hire individuals for part-time employment in the fields of herbalism, mining, and zoology.

On-site training will be provided for 20 Drake for entry-level positions. This fee will be reimbursed twofold after the satisfactory completion of 10 days of work.

Wages start at 3 Dr/day for level 1 professions, and 5 Dr/day for level 2 positions.

If interested, please fill out the survey and send it to the Production Guild of Crossroads. You may be contacted to schedule an interview.

Taiah Annor
Guildmaster, Production Guild of Crossroads

Back of flier text, right column:


Why do you want to work for the Production Guild of Crossroads?

From herbalism, mining, and zoology, what position are you interested in with the Production Guild of Crossroads?

What is your level of expertise within the desired field? (If you are inexperienced and would require training, write "None".)

Do you have any interest in becoming a Guild member?

A way to contact you for an interview:]
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