Does anyone know the layout of the Glibben Wood?

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Does anyone know the layout of the Glibben Wood?

Postby Locke Tannen » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:52 pm

Hello Everyone,

To any who know the twists and turns of the wood, I have a question:

I am currently trying to mitigate risks in the plan for Derrikanian expansion by finding a source of lumber that will not anger the Glibben. I believe I have found one-- But I was hoping someone with a better understanding of the Glibben Wood's twists and turns could answer a question.

Does the lake connect to the river that exits the south side of the wood?

There was a massive quantity of trees that were torn out of the ground by some zephyr of Simone, and have been laying in the mud all season. Putting these dead trees to good use I believe would serve as a respectful way to honor Simone, And avoid conflict with the Glibben.

If the lake connects to the river, we can simply guide them downriver to the worksite. If not, the plan will have to be put on hold.
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Re: Does anyone know the layout of the Glibben Wood?

Postby Mike-Director » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:07 pm

I believe the use of felled trees is quite wise, and I highly recommend doing so if at all possible. I want to say the lake does connect to the river exiting the south side of the wood, but cannot say for certain. I would direct your inquiries to Leadrin, I believe she may have a better idea as to how the bodies of water within Derrickham connect to each other.

For general information pertaining to the Glibben or the Wood, I recommend speaking with Limax, though I am unsure of his whereabouts, as I did not see him at all during the past Rise.

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Re: Does anyone know the layout of the Glibben Wood?

Postby Director Eric » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:35 pm

Hello Locke,

I mentioned this in another message of yours that I saw first. I don't think that the water course from the lake would provide enough force to move lumber along it, nor does it move consistently through the wood.

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Re: Does anyone know the layout of the Glibben Wood?

Postby Taiah Annor » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:14 pm


It sounds like you have some experience with the waterways in the Glibben Wood. Could you tell me, which way does the river flow? Towards or away from the Lake of Four Spirits? From the map I have access to, it looks to me that the Lake of Four Spirits is the source for a waterway that travels through the Glibben wood and our little pond, into Purity Lake, and finally to the Poison Sea. If the Lake of Four Spirits is the source of all that water, surely its rivers must be bigger than a stream in many places, unless it is simply a string holding together bowling balls. Or does an underground river pass beneath the Wood, with springs popping through the surface of the ground as unpredictably as the ore deposits?

Do you have any insight as to what the river is like on the other side of the Glibben Wood towards Barulis? Unless the map is misleading again, it looks like there are bridges over that river, which implies at least a river of reasonable berth.

I second Mordecai and Locke, that the felled trees are an invaluable resource that should be utilized while it is available, and tidying up the wood might even please the Glibben if they return. Perhaps the river through the wood is not a good method of transportation, but there must be another way.

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Re: Does anyone know the layout of the Glibben Wood?

Postby Locke Tannen » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:34 am

Greetings sir Huntington!

Thank you for your attention towards the plan and your contributions. These kinds of points made by those with experience willing to share it is exactly the kind of dialogue that creates fertile ground for sound planning.

As far as assumptions go, yes, I have made a few working assumptions, but I think they rely on somewhat sound reasoning (and I have hired a scout to verify their soundness)

A river that comes from one lake (four spirits), to feed another one within a few days travel (the one near the Keep) would seem to have a decent amount of water flow. That river then goes on after that to feed a second gargantuan lake and still finds it’s way to the ocean.

The assumption is that a river that carries enough water to feed 2 lakes without stopping and still has enough overflow leftover to spill out in two different directions and reach the poison sea would have sufficient flow to carry logs. If it goes underground at points, that also would not be a barrier, as long as the flow comes out the other side with the lumber!

Either way, the people working with me have already begun work on scouting the river, processing lumber and finding a suitable build site for the lumbermill. If the river can't carry lumber it must at least have a strong flow or a waterfall i can use to power a saw, which would still be invaluable to the rebuilding efforts anywhere since the breaking.
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