Currency Dispute Resolved

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Currency Dispute Resolved

Postby connick » Fri Nov 17, 2017 2:38 pm

Fellow citizens of Derrickham,

After lengthy and extensive negotiations with representatives of the United Merchants of Ashriya, I am pleased to announce that the disparity regarding foreign and domestic gem values has been favorably resolved. Effective immediately, all gems used for currency will be valued in accordance with the UMA announcement made on the fourth of Fyrunn. Those values are reproduced below for your convenience.

Amber/Topaz -- (Yellow or Orange) 1
Ruby -- (Red) 10
Sapphire -- (Blue) 20
Amythest -- (Pink or Purple) 25
Emerald -- (Green) 50
Dragon Soul -- (Clear) 100

Naturally, minted currency values are unaffected and are, again, reproduced below for convenience.

Copper Wyrm -- 1
Silver Serpent -- 5
Gold Dragon -- 10

All Derrickham Bank account balances will be unaffected by the reduction in gem values. Whatever monies have been deposited will retain their full value and may be withdrawn in any denomination listed above. Citizens are encouraged, however, to use direct account transfers rather than request large amounts of gems or drake for exchanges. Myself or my delegates, for a number of reasons, only carry a modest amount of hard currency for withdrawals. Should you require large amounts of currency to be withdrawn from your account, please consider using the direct transfer method, request an authorized bank note or provide advance notice of your intention to obtain large sums of hard currency.

A special, one-time opportunity to deposit gems under the old values will take place during the first rise of Terres in the spring of AR 68. During this time, any citizen may deposit gems in their bank account at the old value or request an exchange for cash using the new values. After this opportunity has expired, any gems that have not been deposited or exchanged will be valued under the new policy. Please be sure to take advantage of this opportunity, otherwise whatever wealth you may be carrying on your person will be effectively reduced. Special appeals may be made to me if you are facing extenuating circumstances however, citizens are strongly encouraged to complete this exchange during the alloted time. Frivolous appeals will not be granted.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the citizens of Derrickham for their patience during these negotiations. Further, I would like to thank Vladimir of Vladimir's Mercantile for his cooperation as a liaison between Derrickham and the UMA. I look forward to meeting directly with the leadership of the UMA to discuss the ways in which our collaboration may be mutually profitable.

Sealed and undersigned by,

Evreser Leets

Merchant Guildmaster of Crossroads
Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Derrickham
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Re: Currency Dispute Resolved

Postby Locke Tannen » Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:23 pm


Why, sauce my boots and call me a strumpet!!!

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