Favorite moments event 4 2016

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Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Arradon Annor » Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:45 pm

Just getting things started...

Big ol' "gems"...delicious, but Zeek sure can be a serious jerk

Skye's sheer glee at sidiling across deathly bottomless cavern pits and perilous pillars.

5 minute group songs in chaos dungeons via merry

Eating distracting snacks at inappropriate times list expanding to include election speeches and divine rites

Extracting all your taxes is really quite enjoyable

Selling my humble wares to you all is very enjoyable as well

Mallory forever altering the flow of time so elder root could be more common these days. 11/10

Everyone involved with my favorite part will understand what I mean when I explain this:

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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby ellmann » Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:01 pm

"You know what's awful? Crawling around under a bridge in the dark."


Patterns. Patterns everywhere.
"Even in the heart of chaos, you can hear the heartbeat of order."
“Those who seek to disrupt balance. Wait. how many lines is that???”

“The stew is gone. Where are those chickens?”
“Wait. Gone? Like. Gone-gone?”
“Like. Somebody-turned-the-pot-onto-its-side-and-scraped-it-out-with-a-spoon-gone.”

Finally getting to break Go'Ran's arms. Ten-year fermented vengeance is best vengeance.

Hand-drawn astrology charts.

"Wait. You SLEPT in that?"

"Not this tree growing out of a boulder. That other one."
"Actually, both of you are wrong, it's this third tree growing out of a boulder..."

*splash* "I'm going to visit Krom!"

"It's wonderful. Everybody's friends, it feels like a family."

Getting sung at by a chorus of PCs.

"Divine death to undead!"
"By the grace of Simone, Divine Life."
"See? See how wrong you are?"
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Director Kyle » Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:15 pm

The things that happened in No-When.

Seeing more than one friend I had been missing.

Being lent something precious.

Crazy connections. "Intelligo Mascus Kraxxil. That could make sense."

Being able to pull out something I had been carrying for almost 6 years.

"It's even more luxurious in the future."

Leadrin diving into the lake.

Agrue's speech- more eloquent than usual, still beautifully simple.

"A vote against disbanding the council is a vote against the Queen"

Finding out after game off that an interaction I had with someone was interpreted wrong and led to intense rp I had no idea about.
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Leadrin Winters » Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:34 pm

In some semblance of chronological order...

First of all, before game even started I had already been mistaken for Peruna by one of the new players. I have long since accepted this fate.

"Drago is Domad's number two. He's a shitty battle buddy, but a world-class floater."

Group cheering on Ash as he threw Shatter Shields into the room in the keep where the Protectorate were awkwardly holed up.

*Merry storms into the tavern yelling at me about stealing and wearing his clothes or something like a madman*
Leadrin: Ok, I'm gonna stop you there. This is the second time you've pulled something like this on me. Get your crap together Merry.
*Drimm and Zen giggle madly*

Awkwardly fight-chatting with Soleas the Lightning Lich.

Having no fewer than three of my friends assume I know Ritual because I'm a Mystic. Racists!

Diving into the lake the moment it was clean (and beating Mordecai to it). Was doubly funny because Chris apparently didn't see it coming. You're welcome.

When "Marth" was trying to activate more of the field pylon, everyone was standing on the edge of his consecrate/desecrate and awkwardly shooting him.
Leadrin: Have we already tried Magic Shield? Does that still work?
*Awkward nod from Pat Pop*
Leadrin: Well alright then, Magic Shield. *proceeds to beat up "Marth"*

Talking Ash through the memory of his wife's death, and assuring him that death is not the end. I would know.

The Simone Rite. It had a lot of moving bits and I'm glad it went off as well as it did. Also, Sythik looked adorable in one of the Inkpen robes.

Being immediately pulled away from that to the graveyard, where I was given a "gift."

"I hope you know how much of a hero you are to all of them...and to me."

Pulling off the Hounds' Song with the rest of the Hounds (and by the end, I think all the Simone people had joined in). It was pretty chilling. I'm a professional, I told you guys we'd be fine!

After no one came to Merry's party: "I finally get you, Leadrin."
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Erykahn » Mon Oct 10, 2016 3:47 pm

Not in any order. Just as they surface:

Simone rite was amazing, from being to end. Through all of what follow the immediate cerimony.
All the in town Simone followers looking quite stunning.
Although, Erykahn wanted to turn around quickly to slap Arradon for eating so obnoxiously.

The entire rogue mod was spectacular.

A puppy getting hurled into a black whole. Everyone screams, then phases out.
Phase in on the path outside of the tavern...finish screaming.

"You can not talk about this to anyone, cause they'll make fun of us"

Reuniting with Zoey and the extremely intense role play that followed.

On more than one encounter with npcs, face to face screaming.

Having dirt and rocks kicked at me by a cursed Gark Bullworth. Then I walk up to him "body, body, body"

Drimm's Severa Kundus flag

To be continued...
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Tim-Director » Mon Oct 10, 2016 8:43 pm

Playing twelve different NPCs in the Barracks.

Introducing Wallace Arborne, and watching looks of terror.

Kicking dirt on Eric as Gark Bullworm (cursed and with two bound arms) , before Erykahn sent Gark to his final Death.

"We created law and order where there was none. You've made it a habit to kill a King, or kidnap the family of a Queen, when you do not agree with them. What makes this any different?"

"He owned a home, had his favorite staff and his own style of clothing. You stripped him of all of this. You left him an empty shell with no memories of who he once was. This person before us is not Egonosh!" (met with silence...)

[Tony to Patina} "Hey, do you know Mallory?" [She indicates to Mallory.] "Everyone likes Mallory better than me!" [Tony goes over to Brian] "Mallory, Casper Carrington sent me to you, to find a Ritika surgeon friend of yours!"

"Um, is that Kriddick... YELLOW?"

"Can you put his arm back?" "No, I think it's dead".


The "Who's the Monster?" Argument with Mordecai

Randall Raphael: "Would you want to lick the fingers of every person in this room?"
War: "Sure. I *eat* people."
[Universal dumbfounded look, and OOG struggle in my mind on whether to stick my finger in Sara's mouth.]
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Zen » Mon Oct 10, 2016 11:57 pm

"Hey Kierdyn, wanna see how big my bed is?"
Leadrin: "uhh"

Zen: "But, what happens if we ring the gong..together?"
Ash: "For research!!"

"If I seem a little off right now it's because I'm having an existential crisis"

Delivering the glow-horror Kriddick

First Terres crying event, courtesy of painful backstories

Setting up a blanket and pillows in the Sarik shrine for a nap, only to have it ruined when the games started 5 minutes later directly next to it.

Zen: *Pops head out from underneath Sarik shrine*
"Taia What kind of candy do you have?"


When Darius smiled upon death
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Erykahn » Tue Oct 11, 2016 7:55 am

The fantastic games

Drago's whip being tied to (I believe it was) Percy's weapon to get more reach, so he could hit the people in the far circles.

All the npcs during the games were great

After game off: hearing all of the new players talk about how much fun they had. I love hearing that. I've been playing this game/larping for 3 years now. I remember that awesome feeling I got after my first event. When you fall in love with terres. It's a beautiful thing.
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Mallory » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:26 am

"Praise the sun!"

"Praise the table!"

(whispered to a cupped hand) "I love you..." (and then pantomime of letting a bird fly away)

"She pooped!"

Making elder root a common component.

(Mallory casts his mechanic's torch around the corner and sees the Protectorate ambush) "Hey guys." (they walk out) "Um... hey." (fight begins)

Making Jess laugh so hard oog she had to leave the tavern.

"So... remember when we said how silly it was to use a rock - a not-living thing - to worship Avanti? Turns out they're doing a Rite to Simone by a big fire where they're burning some nature."

"The diplomacy failed? Did you tell them we have two people with degrees in diplomacy they could have used instead?"
"Technically, my degree is in Rhetoric."
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Lyndi Thorn » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:23 pm

Having so many people in our cabin! made it feel like a home and warm!

Making Arradon suspect I knew where he hides his most precious possessions, all the while things are being stolen from him because he was too focused on our conversation and I believe Mordecai constantly trying to tell him to focus and pay attention because he was one stealing things.

Olson: "we have had to eat moss"
Me: *in the start of silly o'clock* I hope it wasn't bush moss....

many times in silly o'clock when I would say inappropriate things "please excuse me I'm a filthy beast"

all of the fantastic things said to me ig and oog after my speech. and Dave Inkpen asking me where I preform.

Keirdyn's very touching talk with me after my emotional melt down

licking faces

rolling in the field in the morning with Skye

must be said again! the amazing song with Merry during the Zeek mod

As always I love seeing War and Plenty's glee when eating people

"Sythik want floppy hat!"

being told that it looked like I was trying to kill the magistrate during the games. and my response of "What part of first aid and my apologizing looked like I was trying to kill you!?" and then not being brought up on charges cause our magistrate is awesome and knows that a Zorn worshipper will lose their head in playful passion.

Tim as the lightening Kriddick crashing out of the woods

Skye making my nest in the tavern and having a much needed nap

being shaken down by Drago when he demanded my spoils of searching.
Drago-" that's mine!"
Me- No! I took it down!
D- "you wouldn't have killed it if I didn't maim it!
Me- But I killed it!
D- *pointing at me* "I will remember this!"
Me- Fine! here! *handing over my spoils*
D- "oh its just a blood worm, I don't want this, you can have it back...."
Me- just the look of ..... on my face as he hands it back

I'm sure there are so many more but this is all I can think of at the moment
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Erykahn » Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:39 pm

Here's some more...

Tier 3 back rub

Physically dodge all the deaths thrown at me

Simone, the curvy goddess
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Erykahn » Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:28 pm

This should clarify things for ya:
Me: "Simone is the curvy Goddess"
Drago: "Just because you have the hots for Simone, doesn't make you a worshiper."

Zoey throws a dagger at me and says, "Here. This belongs to you. You might want to clean the blood off from where I had to pull it out of my back."
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Solapse » Thu Oct 13, 2016 2:29 am

Surgeon Corps.
I never realized how gut-wrenching it can be to lose someone in surgery.

"Erikkan, if you go in there and die, I'm not performing surgery."

Just crawling into a dark room, slowing getting on my feet. Inside my head:

*Getting caught in a physical web*
5 minutes later: "CUT ME THE frunk DOWN ALREADY."

The showdown with Marchand was awesome but difficult for me. I've never had to so utterly crush another character like that both emotionally and physically. Those were some real feels comin out of me.
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Erykahn » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:27 am

How could I forget this one?...

After the lake ritual, Erykahn, decides it's a good time for some celebration day drinking. "Whiteflower Special, it's the good stuff"
Erykahn got drunk.
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Re: Favorite moments event 4 2016

Postby Arcturius » Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:15 pm

"The Undead are activating pylons for some ritual"
"How many do they have"?
"four that we know of"
"sounds like the Undead may need to construct additional pylons"

First time I saw a Krittick figured I would be safe watching everyone kill it
"lighting 10, Radius 10 feet"
I am wrong and need to rethink my probably short life

Feeling actually emotions during the game based on what people did and what was happening, a short list:
-Fighting with people I just meet, for reasons I barely understood yet feeling genuinely happy for them when they succeeded
-Having both my character and myself being intimated/Scared into retreating by a NPC played by Robert Montalbano Good job :D
-watching some of the characters that were important to our survival die in front of me while not being able to help in the slightest, the vast helplessness gave me an intense RP moment with another player who felt it was necessary to help calm me down before making a rash decision
-All the amazing people who volunteered to help me learn the things I want to learn for my character
-And all the amazing people who made this into such a great first experience when it comes to LARPing

The Fantastic Games were just that... Fantastic

Locke- "I would like that"
Drago- *Maims his legs*
Locke- *crawls towards the tavern* "WHHHHHHYYYYYY"?
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