Favorite Moments October 2017

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Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Kit » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:51 am

- Waking up before dawn for an adventure. Whatever we can’t remember that Chris said on top of the fire tower. Something something adrenaline and masochism. Wandering all around the woods on Thursday morning, finding the balancing rock and the other end of that trail and the secret magical undeath swamp. Six before breakfast. <3

- “Majesty, zooming independently into town on a spirit-bob pole.”

- All the hugs and all the group hugs. <3

- *grabs hat, tilts head up* “Stop.”

- Marching in Barulan formation. Cutting through the woods to come up in from the North road. Stopping in a clearing to figure out our marching order and falling into it silently once we emerged from the woods. That’s my kind of Old School.

- Cheshire Cat-ing on top of mod walls

- “He’s lost in a cave.”

- I did a lot of hanging out backstage this time so a lot of my stuff is like, “having merchant kits prepared in advance”, “putting a prop or effect in the right place at the right time”, and “distributing really thematic loot”.

- Hearing the hounds humming together in Friday night’s mod. <3

- “--See, now I believe you’re Stab.”

- “I would literally kill you for a banana.”
“You don’t...need to?”
"No, but I would."

- Locke trying to negotiate elaborate trade deals whilst sneaking into N.C. while Pen tries to figure out what’s even going on in her life anymore.

- “I...I think I might have done something bad.”

- “I’m not sure about this anymore.”
“Dear heart, welcome to the club.”

- Watching the clouds cross the moon. Thursday morning sunrise, Saturday night sunset. Wednesday night shooting star.

- Essen chasing Erykhan, desperately shouting “RUN”, as he tries really hard not to catch him.

- “Seeing it all from this side...it really makes us seem unfriendly, doesn’t it?” Pretty sure I felt Dax and Locke exchange an “oh-good-she’s-getting-it” look behind my head just there. :j

- “She can bend the knee in her pyjamas, that’s fine!”

- Several timely and responsible uses of ‘time-out’, and being able to use it myself instead of having to try to power through. All those times when you all take care of each other. <3

- Sitting on the ground talking about the future of New Cambala while most of the town watched Therru get repaired.

- *forces unwilling hands to meet*
“I think that’s about as good as it’s going to get.”

- Getting back to site on Thursday night after leaving for a wedding to find that the tavern was already set up. So many instances of really good teamwork. Having enough time to spend an hour during pre-game visiting everyone to collect initials. So proud of us and the progress we’ve made this year. Love you all. <3 <3 <3
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Stephen Consiglio » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:35 pm

"What do you mean you don't put drugs in your cookies??"

"Left, Left, Left Right Left!!"

"Mi'lady is in an amiable mood today..."
"Thomas can you bring the column up here?"
"Mi'lady, I'm Ned..." (Points to Alec) "He's Thomas..."
"Oh! You two I always get confused... "
Alex to me IG: "You know, she's never going to love you back..."
"I know... *SIGH*"

"My metaphorical DAD JUST DIED!"

everyone runs to Dynak Memorial Stadium to watch.

Me: *snaps awake straight up*
"Here... It's a Grilled Cheese Sandwich..."
Me while chewing: "This is why I love you..."

"You're being awfully polite about this."
"There's no reason to be rude, just promise me and I won't kill you."

"Read your histories my man!" *goes through the library* "this is good, this is good, this is okay, this is heresy, that's garbage, frunk this one too. Why do we have two copies of this!?"

Fire. Frunking. Tower. and everything about it.

"If you think you know anything, know this boy: You've yet again, passed one of my tests. Remove Malady."

"So how is Therru?"
"He's back together!"
"Excellent, so Essen is dead?"
"well.... not exactly... it's complicated..."
"are you frunking kidding me? Next you'll tell me that you gave Liren another leadership role..."
"yeah... about that...."

"Oh yeah? You took a shaft to the eye?"

"Some things really never do change, do they?"

Lord Bro Down, and the realization that Drimm is the town Hospice Worker.


"He got SO MANY PEOPLE to swear allegiance!"
"Oh man... that's not good..."
seeing eyes light up with instant ideas, and realizing that after a summer I still have a great handle on Ashryia.

15 mins of hanging out and bondage jokes. #sorryfren

I never got a picture of my makeup as Stephen, but seeing everyone's reaction to my eye bandage was awesome. Especially when I lifted it up to show the oozing blood.

"First we cried for Chase, then Therru, and then you. Jesus the emotions ran high this event..."

Being on the otherside of the Azuroth Reveal fight, Version 2.0.

Slapping Drago in the face.


Seeing "Lord Stephen Consiglio" on the Death Memorial

Realizing this is the last post I will ever make on this account...

I started this character in 2010, and after a 7 year run being so happy with how it ended, and being able to hang up the bathrobe for good. Thank you everyone who has been a part of it. Special thanks to Tim, who picked up the slack when my plot ran dry, and helping to come up with an ending I could be happy with. Special thanks to Chris, for being my guru of sorts through the years. And finally special thanks to Kit, who absorbed my salt, and acted as a wonderful sounding board.

See you all in High Town in the Spring!
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Pat W » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:56 pm

Someone to Essen gesturing to the ears on a necklace he was wearing: Who's ears are those?
Essen: "Heh, mine."

Reggie: "All of you have recently experienced being other people am I right?"
Somone: "I mean, recently I was Hungry, now I'm not"
Reggie: I'm not sure that's what I meant but let's go with it!

Leets taunting Essen about mommy issues and my utter inability to hit him with a packet.

Leets: "Sending a message on paper that crumbled up and blew away didn't exactly improve their image"
Shivas: "Wait, paper that crumbled and blew away"
Leets confirms
Shivas: "I want crumble paper"
Vladimir: "I can probably make that happen"

Sythik picking up Essen when he dropped in the field fight and running him out of town. I'm not sure I've ever been more surprised as an NPC.

The look on Macone's face when Essen stopped him from delivering Pen

Liren being made Lady of the Outpost. He likes titles like the kids like Pokemon.

The RP in the Dagon mod, you four all knocked it out of the park on that one.

Getting to play Essen twice this event was a lot of fun. He became a villain organically in-game. Realizing that a good portion of Crossroads was on board with his redemption or at least ability to be redeemed was pretty awesome, as I think it also came about very organically. It's nice when changes in a characters nature don't feel forced.

Torvun's RP in death praising the character which killed him for using smart tactics. Jeff after the event praising the same tactics out of game.
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Erykahn » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:48 pm

Fighting on the line Friday night. Feeling pretty tanky.
24ap was nice to have.
Backstabbing Tim's npc,"Fatal.What up!"
Troubleshooting Pats golem with Inumate. With my dagger, I pry the front flap up. There's a charm, hanging from the underside. I rip it of. Golem dies.
Such a cool mechanic to end a mod.

Hiding the Queen from the Brulans.
The sneaky transfer of the Queen from her cabin to the Mage' s guild.
Everyone starts fighting. As I am flanking around. Casper, eventually looks at me
"KILL THAT ONE!"...I run really into the woods. Eric Black follows me in the woods.
And, as I was hiding behind a tree. I realize it was Lars. I was so happy.

The whole fight when Therru and his goons showed up.
Fighting Tony and being chased by Tony.
Being chased by Essen
Yelling at Therru
"THERRU! You can fight this!"
"Why would I want fight it?"

The Simone rite to make Agrue Simone' s hound of percerveirence

For the couch
I deliver you to couch

The Simone mod. Getting sucked into Sythik to portal to the air elemental plain.
The fight in the air elemental plain was amazing. Tim was frightening.
Squaring off with a Jess air elemental,"I am enjoying our air dance"
Mortaling Tim's big boss air elemental. Then, coming around again for a backstab
After the fight, one of the hardest, but most brave moment was witness. Chase sacrificing himself to the air elemental plain. Kroon and Simone will smile upon him.
Coming back to the tavern and being an earth elemental murder squad with the Simone worshippers. Assasinate, Assasinate, Assasinate!!!!..... good times

Zeek mod. That started silly with Reggie and being hit on as a blonde bombshell by Eric Black. Then, took a real ugly turn to brutal human dismemberment.

Zinaar rite. Everyone told great stories.

The whole mod taking the fight to Therru and his goons.
I wish I had a video of that fight. It looked awesome.
Sneaking in through the back door to rescue Pen, with Alle and Peruna
After the fight, Making peace with Essen.
Being jumped by Sythik and Ash cause, they new I had something they needed

Fighting alongside Zoey
Getting saved by Zoey
Comforting Zoey during her Terres Crying
Being comforted by Zoey, during my Terres Hyperventilatingly crying
(We learned that it only takes the embrace or Zoey to calm Erykan)
During the Pindust fight...
Zoey picks me up (1 of the 3 times) as she is holding me. Morvos comes over and beings first aid.
Zoey "Do you have him?"
Morvos"I got him"
Zoey (very sternly and with that serious Zoey tone)
"DO YOU HAVE HIM" which sounded like, "If he dies you die"
Morvos"Yes, I have him"

Backstabbing all the goatmen in the Kroon mod.

Knife fighting Locke,"3". Locke drops.
I walk of to change my weapon for the next step of the training.
Drimm from the smoking table,"Erykahn, pick him up"(or, something along those lines)
I walk over to a bleeding out Locke,"I mend your wounds"
Yelling back to Drimm,"I was never going to let him die"

Sunday Karo-ya fight. I flank around the tavern. Sneak up behind Chris, Tim and Pat?...could've been Eric. Anywho, I backstab all three in a row. 2 out of 3 drop. It makes me happy.
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Kit » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:37 am

I forgot:

- Spider drive-by "frunk-you"-ing Drago and the fight that (I think) Ash tried to pick over it as we walked away; I heard something like "Hey, buddy, frunk YOU" followed by "No, no no no no no." XD

- Coming back to closing ceremonies and realising you all were in a Hold. Too good. <3

- sneaking half a dozen NPCs up to the back of the tavern before the Therru fight and the pure luck that none of you were outside at that moment.
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Merry » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:33 pm

Tanzek's speech where he totally didn't murder the Alshambran nobility who were the only other candidates for leadership. Then going on to casually reassure us that no idea go hungry when they must "feed", that there is total peace under his rule because there is objectively no ability for disagreement, and that all he wants for the world is the bring the gift of the horde to every living and dead in Ashriya. Oh Yea, the crowd went wild.

Also in this encounter Merry/Kortenis role reversal Living thrall to the undead owner. Then walking back to town and tyzar falling in step saying "Merry, you know I don't like to see you with other undead like that."

Making a new best friend in Ardread, the sort of friend who will maim and light you on fire for your own good. <3

Ward lore "This ward cannot be broken by conventional means"

Overheard conversations and the confirmation I needed. If you're reading this I heard everything =)

"Do you know when you drink too much coffee or eat too much sugar.... And everything feels like a great idea, until it doesn't?"

Drago and Vivian's final date <3

Getting to know er, ole spikey head and definitely not trading conceptual "political" moves

Zoey stomping away, Erykahn chasing after her going Zoey, baby! They walk around the corner and we hear thwack thwack and Ardread and I clutch eachother in suspense.
Ardread: "This is better than the theater!"
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Drimm » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:23 pm

I had a lot of amazing moments with all of you. I’m going through a lot right now IRL but rest assured your companionship over the years is one of the things that keeps me going. I love you all, sorry I don’t have the heart right now to go into specific moments.
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Tim-Director » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:11 am

When I was a monster, taking a FATAL from Erykahn, and going down with a TON of BP and skills left, but no defenses to it. Well played!

The best kind of meta gaming.
Sythik: “Can we summon former Earth Hound… now?”
Cato: “Yes”

NPC Theatre Mod with “The Gate”. And no, just because I wear a Lachindor hood does NOT mean he’s related to Dalamir!

Macone: “I have once negotiated an agreement with you, and I had an agreement with your predecessor.”

As Lavno, watching Mordecai’s Rite to Zinaar, with people of Darius, Death, Baldoria, Jarro, Kroon, Domad, and Zorn, all pledging karma and consecrating the shrine.

Casper vs. Drimm, Round 1.

Casper vs. Drimm, Round 2.

Watching the look on Undead faces, when they got to lick the Rigmorn’s hand.

Sheer terror at the awfully disturbing Zeek Mod. Mission accomplished!

Cyrus: “Yeah, I’m sure it is… I mean, pleasure to meet you, too.”

Kortenis: “He’s The Fun Muncher! He munches on fun!”

The looks on players faces, when Macone sucked energies out of Therru. That ramp might as well have been a proscenium arch.

The slow transfer exchange between Berkle and Chase, in total silence, except for stifled weeping.
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby ellmann » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:59 pm

Finally, finally, I find myself at a computer. I tried to do this by phone earlier in the week and lost my post. As always, I’m certain I’m gonna miss stuff, but here we go.

-Fire tower. Only took me a decade of threatening to be there for sunrise to actually do so. 100% beautiful. To paraphrase Tony: “Ok, this is as far as I’m going. Wait. really? You’re going up more? Ok, but the next landing is where I stop. Fine! One more flight of stairs. Dammit, Chris, stop going higher! All right, I’ll go up another flight…..”

-”What? I never got sexy plot!”
“Sure you did!”
“Nope. That was terrifying plot. They overlap, sometimes.”

-”I’ve never had a grilled cheese with bacon before.”
“I’m sorry your life has been so sorely lacking.”

-Realizing that at the end of the event, I had 18 eggs, 4 onions, and 10 apples left in the kitchen. It’s awesome when the math works out that close.

-”Give me the heart. I’ll not ask again. You really don’t want to know what will happen if you refuse.”
“Aaaaaactually, I do.”

-The realization that Therru-- real, complete Therru-- was there, in my head, waiting to be roleplayed for two years. Going into the event, I’d had all these fears that I’d’ve forgotten how to be him. Nope. Brain parasite’s there, and good to go. Falling into character, getting to grin the madman grin, and make the glib not-quite-good-idea but logical statements he’s known for… after all this time? Yeah. I really had missed that.

-”Limax, you overhear a lot, and you learn all sorts of things. Have you ever heard of….”

-The sound of Tony pulling out a mattress for me on the far side of monster camp. I’d really needed that nap.

-”Chris love. Chris love. Wake up, hon. It’s time to go kill everybody.” -- That’s one of the best alarm clocks I’ve ever experienced…

-Make big winter. Make bigger winter. Make BIGGEST winter.


-As a grey, hearing Liren telling new folks in town the story of the Azuroth reveal. Discovering after game that the story happened organically, and he didn’t tell it as intentional foreshadowing. Praise Jarro.

-Getting out the silver paint pen.

-From a PC-ish perspective, once again feeling how massively slimy Macone is. Such a frunking monster.

-Force lightning.

-Watching Agrue back away from me in combat. Never have I seen a retreat that showed so much emotion.

-The completion of this multi-year arc of Therru’s story. I had fears and doubts and worries along the way, but getting a plot with this many tiny moving parts to come together at the end was a thrill. Thank you to everybody who was part of it.

-Everything that happened after Therru got put back together. I’m sorry I don’t remember this more clearly. The brain parasite was in control, not me. I’ve got a giant cut on one leg from this point in the event, and no memory of how it happened: Therru got injured. Not me. Highlights of memory from the following half hour:

--Being hugged by a crying Sythik.

--Getting smacked upside the face by Mordecai. Mike’s been waiting for a reason to do that for *years*

--Therru: (with sorrow) ”...I’m sorry.”
Pen: (with bitterness) “Yeah. Me too.”

--”I need to tell you something. I did a bad thing.”

--”Sorry for trying to kill you before…”
“It’s fine! You weren’t you, and you were definitely not in control, or in your right mind.”
“I wasn’t me. But I was absolutely in control, and I loved every minute of it.”
*person backs away*

--”Therru, I’m really sorry to hit you with this right now, but I have to. What’s Macone up to?”

--”He was looking for the Oracle, right?”
“I know where it is, I just can’t ever find it. He was looking for the Horn of Might!”
“What’s that do?”
“No idea. But I’ve wanted it ever since I heard of it, years and years ago. It’s called the Horn of Might. What’s not to want?”

--”So, I understand you’re highly talented at Discord magic.”
“Well… I used to be.”

--”She knew. She knew all along, and saved me.”

--”I missed hugging you.”
“Me too. You got to hug half of me.”
“Not good enough.”
“Wait, my entirely good side wasn’t good enough?”


And, of course, being given a necklace with all your initials on it. Terres has been a home to me for thirteen years. Thank you for giving me a piece of it to carry with me, wherever my adventures take me. I love you all.
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Re: Favorite Moments October 2017

Postby Director Eric » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:44 am

Lars: Get your surgeons out of here or hide them. They'll go for them first.
Then watching Dax get taken down not far away. Trying very hard not to shake my head visibly.

Me: I keep taking it from behind from Erykahn!
Later, as a Karo-Ya, giving it to Erykahn from behind.

Prepping to run an encounter where I play all three roles needed by myself, then not being able to run it. (sigh) Happens more often than I'd like...

There's a lot of moments that were great that I can't talk about. You people are the best!
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