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Submit Timeblocks

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Remember: The minimum unit of time for timeblocks is one day. You cannot break down time-blocks by partial days nor hours. Please describe in detail the actions you wish your character to do during this period of Timeblocks.

Timeblocks for the Winter 2019 Period can only be submitted through March 5, 2019. No late submissions will be accepted after the cutoff date.

Please enter your contact information:

Your name:

Your character name:

Email Address:

Timeblock Period:

Please fill out the actions you want to do.

Non-Player Characters I want to speak to for days

Please state the method you are using to contact the NPC and whether they committed to speaking to you in-game. It is helpful for you to indicate which Staff member plays that particular character. If you are sending letters, please provide the manner in which you are sending the letter. Keep in mind that characters may choose not to respond to you or may not receive your letter for various reasons.
Example: "I wish to speak to the Dagon played by Tim, and ask him if he knows anyone who can teach Telepathic skills. I will send him a letter via Randall Raphael's courier service, and pay the fee, as long as it's under 5 drake."

My profession for days

Please indicate your profession, whether manual, unskilled, skilled, and how much skill you have.
Example: I work in the tavern at my unskilled profession for serving drinks for 10 days.

Production for days

Please indicate in detail the number of days, for each particular item.
Example: I make as many 1 point healing salves that I can make, for 15 days, and as many 3 point healing potions I can make for 15 days.

Research I want to conduct for days

Please explain, in detail, how you would go about researching. Describe which resources you are using.
Example: I wish to research the history of the Bards' Guild. I will do "pub research", and ask around at bars and pubs to see if anyone knows anything.

Attunements for days

Please note where you found the item, obtained the information, and/or who you received it from.
Example: I attune to the magical one-handed sword I found in searching and defeating the Barulan assassin played by Eric, for 10 days.

Training for days

Example: I train and learn Advanced Unarmed Combat from Sir Brutus at the Keep for 20 days.

Other tasks for days