Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game


The following are the upcoming event dates. Events typically begin at 10:00 PM on Friday and run through 12:00 PM on Sunday. Please be advised that while we do our best never to change dates, the dates and location are always subject to change, due to circumstances beyond our control.

There is a cap on the number of players that we can accept for an event, as determined by the number of available staff. The player cap is currently at 50 players.

2019 Event Schedule

May 2019 (May 31st to June 2nd) at Camp Howe in Goshen, MA.

August 2019 (August 23rd to August 25th) at Camp Howe in Goshen, MA.

September 2019 (September 27th to September 29th) at Camp Howe in Goshen, MA.




New Player Referrals

You will receive 100 karma for each new player or grunt that you bring to an event. The new player or grunt must tell us that you referred them, when they pay for the event or check-in. Players who have referred a total of 5 new players (cumulative, not one event), who pay for an event, will receive a free event, or 250 karma.