Color image of a Glibben head from the Terres Rising game

Evaluate an event

We strive to make every event as good as it can possibly get. To do this we ask for you to evaluate each event so we can continue to improve!

If you attended the event as a member of staff, please fill out the form here.

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Were the Directors and Senior Staff clear with rules and instructions?

Were the Directors and Senior Staff approachable? Did they answer any questions you had?

Were the other NPCs helpful and approachable?

What did you think of NPC costuming and props?

What did you think of your own NPC role-play?

Did any other NPCs stand out as exceptionally good or bad?

Did you play any NPCs that you particularly liked or disliked?

Which NPCs would you like to play as more often?

Was there enough or too much rest between mods/encounters/combat situations?

Did you get enough sleep?

If you NPC'd for any modules, what made those modules successful or unsuccessful?

Which plotline(s), if any, did the players seem to enjoy most?

Which plotline(s), if any, did the players seem not to enjoy?

Was there PC-PC interaction that you think staff may have missed that could be important?

Which PCs do you believe stood out as exceptionally good role-players?

Were there any difficult or confusing situations as n NPC? Were you ever at a loss for words or lost in general?

Did the players fight fair? Were they hitting too fast or too hard?

What do you think Staff could have done to better prepare you?

How could you have better prepared yourself?

What do you think should be done to improve Terres Rising, NPCing or otherwise?

Do you have any skills/knowledge that might be an asset to Terres Rising Staff? (makeup, sewing, construction, writing, heavy lifting, etc.)

Are you planning on PCing in the future with us?

Overall, what did you think of the event?

Did you help with clean up, if so how?